Software Testing White Papers

Improve your software testing career, testing effectiveness, and company with these free software testing white papers from ASTQB.

Building a Software Testing Team

In this white paper, a software industry leader discusses the processes and key qualities you should look for when hiring software testers. Whether you are trying to add great software testers to your team or are looking for a software testing job yourself, you will find these insights very useful.

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How to Staff a Test Team

Good news: You have been tasked with building a software testing team. Bad news: You have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, here is the definitive guide on “How to Staff a Test Team” that will help you put together the best software QA team for any project.

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4 Reasons Software Developers Should Pair with a Certified Software Tester

As a software developer, you create wonderful things. Your contributions can help companies, clients, and colleagues around the world to be more productive. But when a critical defect makes the headlines, software development can be frustrating, anxiety-inducing, and costly, to say the least. That’s why there are 4 compelling reasons you should pair with an ISTQB certified software tester.

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7 Things a Software Testing Manager Wants in an Employee

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew what test managers wanted in an employee? You don’t have to wonder because this white paper tells you the 7 things a software testing manager wants in their testers. If you are a software testing manager, you can use this white paper as a point of discussion with your software testers to help you build the best software testing team possible.

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Considering a Career Change? Here are 4 Reasons You Should Choose Software Testing.

Are you thinking about changing careers? Why not choose one of a career that has been rated as one of the happiest: software testing. This white paper helps you understand why software testing can be a great career and provides suggested steps for you to make a smooth career transition.

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4 Reasons Students Should Consider Becoming a Software Tester

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you were asked that question as a child, you probably didn’t answer, “I want to be a software tester.” But for many people, it’s the perfect career choice. If you are a student (or know of a student) trying to decide on a profession, here are 4 reasons to consider becoming a software tester.

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Which Software Testing Career Path is Right for You?

What is the first step in your software testing career? If you’ve already started, the bigger question is where should you go now, and how do you get there? This is a helpful guide for both new and experienced software testers as you map out your career path for the next few years.

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How to Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant

If you are interested in the software testing field, there are 7 qualities that can improve your chances of getting a job in software testing. These qualities were common requests in job postings for software testers across many industries and companies. Once you know what they are, you’ll be in a better position to get a software testing job.

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Get Promoted: 4 Ways ISTQB Software Tester Certification Paves The Way For Promotion

Are you ready to take your software career to the next level with a promotion? How can you rise above the others to become the best candidate for a new position? This white paper looks at why you are smart to have ISTQB certification because it helps pave the way to your promotion.

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Cut Software Development Costs and Improve Quality

Protect your company and your career. Keep your software out of the headlines.™ See how your organization can save money, speed delivery, and reduce software defects in 10 different ways.

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Find and Retain Skilled Software Testers

It’s difficult to find good software testers. It can be even harder to keep them. This white paper describes how you can find the software QA talent you need, and build an environment where great software testing talent wants to stay.

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Leading the Way: Why Test Team Leaders Need To Be Certified With Their Team

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re made. This white paper show how you can gain the respect of your team, build their confidence, and provide better direction for your testing team.

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Software Testing Webinars from ASTQB

Build Your Testing Skills with These Free ASTQB Software Testing Webinars

Improve your testing knowledge with these free ASTQB webinars. Featuring software testing experts, these webinars will help both your career and your company.

What is ISTQB? Why do I need to take my ISTQB exam through ASTQB?

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Testing in the Agile SAFe Methodology

Watch Webinar Video

How Software Testing is Different for Medical Device Software

Watch Webinar Video

Retail and E-Commerce: Digital Transformation and What It Means For Software QA

Watch Webinar Video

Testing is Risky Business

Watch Webinar Video

Defining Solid Software Security Requirements

Watch Webinar Video

Introducing BDD and TDD

Watch Webinar Video

Usability Testing in a Nutshell — Introducing the new ASTQB certification

Watch Webinar Video

Why We All Need Business Analyst (BA) Training

Watch Webinar Video

Framework Architecture for Test Automation

Watch Webinar Video

Testing to Secure Your Security

Watch Webinar Video

Agile and Waterfall – What Do Testers Do Differently

Watch Webinar Video

Minimum Essential Testing Strategy METS

Watch Webinar Video

ASTQB – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile

Watch Webinar Video

Software Testing in the Cloud

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Introducing the ASTQB Certified Mobile Tester Syllabus and Certification

Watch Webinar Video

ISTQB and Test Automation – How ISTQB Certification Prepares You for Automated Testing

Watch Webinar Video

Introducing ISTQB Agile Foundation – Extending the ISTQB Program’s Support Further

Watch Webinar Video

Making ISTQB Certification Work for You as a Manager or Aspiring Manager

Watch Webinar Video

Principles Before Practices – How to Transform Your Testing Practices with ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Principles

Watch Webinar Video

Weathering the Storm: Security Testing and Advanced Persistent Threats

Watch Webinar Video

New ISTQB Advanced Syllabi: A Career Ladder for Test Managers and Testers

Watch Webinar Video

The Ins and Outs of Entrance and Exit Criteria

Watch Webinar Video

Protect Your Company and Your Software Testing Career

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ASTQB Software Testing Podcasts

Enjoy these free, short podcasts on the following software testing topics.

ASTQB’s “One Question About Software Testing” Podcast: Which one skill do I need most as a tester?

In this new series, we are asking ASTQB software testers to answer one question. Listen to Ryan Craven’s answer as to which skill he feels you need most as a tester.

Do you have a good question for the podcast? Would you like to appear on the podcast? Let us know.

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ASTQB Podcast: Software Testing in the Video Game Industry

In this podcast, we talk to ISTQB Certified Tester Justin Ejtehadi about software testing in the video game industry. Hear about his software testing career progression, what he does in his current role, and his advice for others who want to get a job with a video game company.

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ASTQB Podcast: 10 Takeaways for Becoming and Being a Test Manager

Is the role of “test manager” in your future? This ASTQB podcast has 10 takeaways that will help you become a test manager … and then become your best possible version in that role.

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Security Testing: Where to Start, How to Evolve

Where does strong security testing start? How do you stay on top of the ever-evolving threats? What are the priorities for security testing? Learn the answer to these and other security testing topics from an instructor and software testing authority.

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Predicting the Future of Software … and Everything: Advice for Your Testing Career

What does the future hold for software, testing, your career and your company? Join us as AT*SQA President Taz Daughtrey describes his planned keynote at the EuroSPI conference and why he changed it to something bigger and more important for your career.

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Autonomous Cars and In-Person Meetings: Takeaways from the EuroSPI Conference

What are the software testing challenges associated with autonomous automobiles? Are in-person events useful for your software testing career? Learn the answers to these questions and get other insights from the EuroSPI conference from AT*SQA President Taz Daughtrey.

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ASTQB Podcast: Innovation in Software Testing Education

If you were asked to build software testing proficiency in a diverse group of individuals with varying educational backgrounds and technical knowledge, how would you go about it? With explosive growth in technology and a rapidly growing need for software quality professionals, this is a question of global importance.

This podcast gives you the opportunity to learn from those who have succeeded in building software testing proficiency in a challenging context. We you will learn about their innovation in software testing education through the lens of an international initiative, it has insights you can apply in your workplace or community in any nation.

This podcast is made possible through support from ASTQB’s exam provider, AT*SQA, the Association for Testing & Software Quality Assurance.

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ASTQB Podcast: How to Lead in Testing – Leadership Advice for Test Managers and Those Who Hope to Become Test Managers

What does it take to be a strong leader in testing?

Whether you are already a leader – or hope to become one in the future – this is a podcast that will set your career in the right direction. Join us to learn the answers to these questions:

  • How should we define leadership when it comes to testing?
  • Is there a difference between leadership and management?
  • What does leadership look like in the age of Agile and DevOps?
  • What are some of the key challenges for a leader in technology today, particularly in quality and test?
  • What’s your advice in moving from a direct contributor role to a leadership role?
  • How do certifications help? Can they help me make the jump into a leadership position?
  • What certifications should I get if I want to be a leader in software quality, not just a tester?
  • What concrete steps should I take right now to move toward being a leader, or a better leader? What should I do, specifically, over the next few weeks?

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ASTQB Podcast: Is Model-based Testing Right for You?

Model-based testing is an innovative testing approach to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the test process. Join us for this ASTQB podcast with Bob Binder in which we learn about model-based testing and explore whether it can help you save time and build your testing effectiveness. (See information about ISTQB Model-based Testing Certification.)

Topics include:

  • What is MBT?
  • What is the history of MBT?
  • What types of technology are out there to support doing MBT?
  • What are the benefits to implementing MBT?
  • What are the challenges to MBT?

Bob Binder is an experienced software quality veteran, known internationally through his writing and consulting.

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ASTQB Podcast: The Testing Observatory: Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, and Blockchain

Join us to hear what’s hot (or not) in software quality as we speak with H. Taz Daughtrey, a college instructor and volunteer ASTQB board member. In this podcast, Taz discusses new technologies including quantum computing, machine learning (a subset of AI), and blockchain.

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ASTQB Podcast: The Testing Observatory: Cyber-Physical Systems

Join us to hear what’s hot (or not) in software quality as we speak with H. Taz Daughtrey, a college instructor and volunteer ASTQB board member. In this podcast, Taz discusses the new area of cyber-physical systems, and the challenges they bring to testers.

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ASTQB Podcast: The Testing Observatory: Voting Systems, Financial Systems, and Machine Learning in the Headlines

Join us to hear what’s hot (or not) in software quality as we speak with H. Taz Daughtrey, a college instructor and volunteer ASTQB board member. In this podcast, Taz discusses the areas that have recently been in the headlines: voting systems, financial systems, and machine learning.

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What’s Hot in Testing: Free Retakes, Test Automation and APIs, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Join us to hear about what’s hot in testing as we speak with ASTQB President Judy McKay. Judy shares news that will give you peace of mind when taking an Advanced Level exam, provides insightful tips on testing APIs, and dives into the exciting ways to use robotic process automation (RPA) in testing.

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ASTQB Podcast: The Human Side of Testing: Building Hope in Rwanda

It’s easy to take software testing for granted, especially when facing a challenging problem or tight deadline. But imagine if software testing was a lifeline to a career, a chance to support yourself, and a pathway to independence. Randall Rice recently trained a group of women in Rwanda and saw first-hand how software testing is not just a career choice, but the basis for hope in a country that struggles with a violent past, high unemployment, and difficult conditions everyone, especially women. Learn about their struggle and hope, and how you can help.

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ASTQB Podcast: Is API Testing in Your Future?

APIs (Application Programming Interface) enable different systems, platforms and apps to connect and share data with each other. Their growth is rapid and looks to continue. If you aren’t testing APIs yet, do you need to be prepared? Get an introduction to API testing in this short podcast.

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Q&A on the ISTQB 2018 Foundation Syllabus

We asked ASTQB President Judy McKay about the new ISTQB 2018 Foundation Syllabus. Listen in for answers to common questions, key dates and details about how the new syllabus differs from the previous version.

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ASTQB Podcast: The New Normal for Testing in the Age of Digital Transformation: Part 1

PART 1: “The Digital Transformation and How It Will Affect Software Testing”
Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery are reshaping testing processes and procedures for modern software development teams. Part 1 describes the digital transformation and its impact on today’s software development and testing professionals.

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ASTQB Podcast: The New Normal for Testing in the Age of Digital Transformation: Part 2

PART 2: “What Testing Can Do to Embrace This Digital Transformation”
Part 2 describes what testing and testers can begin to do to embrace this digital transformation and the opportunities it presents.

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ASTQB Podcast: The New Normal for Testing in the Age of Digital Transformation: Part 3

PART 3: “How to Stay Ahead and Keep Your Testing Career Moving Forward In This Digital Age”
Part 3 gives software testers specific ideas of what they need to do to stay on top of these trends and build a thriving, sustainable career.

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ASTQB Podcast: What You Need to Know About Advanced Certification

If you don’t have ISTQB Advanced Level Certification, this is a “must-listen” podcast from ASTQB with veteran tester Tom Adams. In this podcast, Tom tell us:

  • Why you shouldn’t fear the Advanced Level exam
  • How to prepare for the exam, including two very important tips
  • Why it’s important for your career – and your company – that you become Advanced Level certified

This podcast will inspire you to begin preparing for ISTQB Advanced Level Certification today.

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ASTQB Podcast: Software Testing Jobs – The Qualities of a Good Job Candidate

Do you have the qualities of a good candidate for a software testing job? Find out in this podcast.

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ASTQB Podcast: Software Testing Jobs – Types of Job Interviews

There are many types of interviews for software testing jobs. Learn about them in this podcast.

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ASTQB Podcast: Software Testing Jobs – How Important Are Your School and Grades?

How much does the school you attended and your grades matter for software testing jobs? Find out in this podcast.

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ASTQB Podcast: How Testers Can Help Close Security Gaps

Total information security in any organization is an endless challenge. This podcast examines how testers can help their organizations make progress in closing the security gaps.

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ASTQB Podcast: Security Testing in the Internet of Things (IoT)

How does the Internet of Things impact how we see information security?

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ASTQB Podcast: Why Security Breaches Continue to Happen and How Testers Can Help Stop Them

With all the tools we have for information security, why do breaches still happen on a frequent basis?

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ASTQB Podcast: Why Software Testers Should Master Technical Topics Such as Programming

Learn the two reasons software testers should master technical topics.

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ASTQB Podcast: How You Should Prepare for a Software Testing Certification Exam Based On Your Unique Learning Style

There are many ways to prepare for software testing certification. Learn why some work better for you than others.

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ASTQB Podcast: The Mistakes Testers Make When Choosing Software Testing Tools

Testing tools can be very useful. Or they can, ironically, waste your time. Learn the mistakes commonly made when choosing testing tools.

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