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Exam Scheduling, Free Software Testing Webinars, Podcasts, and White Papers

Software Testing Webinars, Podcasts and White Papers from ASTQB & AT*SQA

If you haven't seen our many free recorded webinars, podcasts and other resources on the ASTQB and AT*SQA websites, check them out right now:
  • Webinars from ASTQB: Risk-Based Testing, BDD & TDD, Agile SAFe Methodology, Defining Security Requirements, Test Automation, and more.
  • Podcasts from ASTQB: Becoming a Test Manager, Security Testing, Model-Based Testing, API Testing, and more.
  • White Papers from ASTQB: Hiring Software Testers, Staffing a Test Team, 7 Things a Software Testing Manager Wants in an Employee, and more.
  • Newsletters from ASTQB: Meet the Tester Who Earned 11 Certifications, Should You Fear the Advanced Level Exam?, How to Prepare for a Downturn, and more. 
  • Educational Resources from AT*SQA: 14 Lessons in Building Quality Software, Should Your Hire or Reskill?, and more.
  • Career Resources from AT*SQA: Software Testing Interview Questions, and more.

Exam Scheduling and Rescheduling

For your planning purposes, please note that our ISTQB testing centers will soon make the earliest exam dates 3 weeks in the future. This is designed to provide some staffing flexibility as they work through the COVID-19 / coronavirus situation.

The good news is that you have lots of flexibility thanks to our unique ISTQB voucher system from our official ISTQB exam provider, AT*SQA:
  • You have up to 365 days to schedule your initial exam date when you purchase an exam voucher.
  • Once you have scheduled your exam, you may reschedule it with no additional fee so long as you do so at least 72 hours before the exam. 
  • You may reschedule your exam multiple times. There is no additional fee so long as you do so each time at least 72 hours before the exam. 
  • If you are within 72 hours of your exam, the $75 change fee can only be waived by Kryterion/Webassessor because they have to pay for the employees that staff the testing centers. This requires a doctor's note stating that you could not sit for the exam. In that case, contact Kryterion via the Kryterion Test Taker Support Area. Do not contact AT*SQA or ASTQB in this case, as the waiver must be given by Kryterion.
  • Kryterion will also post notices in their Kryterion Test Taker Support Area if an area has had a widespread test center closure that requires a no-cost reschedule. 
Prefer a group exam in your location? If you have several individuals who can take their exams at the same time in the same location, you may be eligible for an on-site exam. The exams can be any combination of foundation, specialty, advanced or expert certifications. Contact the AT*SQA Support Team for the criteria and details.

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