Software testing information – including resources for ISTQB certification

2020, Issue 21

Highlights: Who is on the Official U.S. List?

2020, Issue 20

Highlights: U.S. Jobs Requesting ISTQB Certification

2020, Issue 19

Highlights: How Are Other Testers Adapting?

2020, Issue 18

Highlights: Share Your Testing Story

2020, Issue 17

Highlights: 3 Ways the Official U.S. List Helps You

2020, Issue 16

Highlights: ISTQB Exam Give-Away

2020, Issue 15

Highlights: Get Noticed: New Advanced Agile Testing Certification

2020, Issue 14

Highlights: What Other Testers Are Doing

2020, Issue 13

Highlights: 10 Reasons Employers Value You

2020, Issue 12

Highlights: When to Stop Testing, Plus 2 More Job Hunting Resources

2020, Issue 11

Highlights: 4 Resources to Get Software QA Jobs

2020, Issue 10

Highlights: Don’t Fear the ISTQB Advanced Exam

2020, Issue 9

Highlights: ISTQB Online Exam Give-Away

2020, Issue 8

Highlights: 3 Tips to Prepare Your Testing Career for Any Economy

2020, Issue 7

Highlights: ISTQB Online Exams From Home

2020, Issue 6

Highlights: 3 Steps to Prepare Your Testing Career for Whatever Comes Next

2020, Issue 5

Highlights: New: Online Exam for ASTQB Mobile Testing, Training Offers

2020, Issue 4

Highlights: Usability Testing Approved

2020, Issue 3

Highlights: Software Testing Webinars, Podcasts, Exam Scheduling

2020, Issue 2

Highlights: Coronavirus, Training Grants, VA Benefits, Cybersecurity, DevOps

2020, Issue 1

Highlights: Reimbursement for Software Testing Certification Exams and Training

2019, Issue 3

Highlights: 10 Takeaways for Becoming and Being the Best Possible Test Manager

2019, Issue 2

Highlights: Interview Questions Survey Results

2019, Issue 1

Highlights: 3 Ways Testers Can Prepare Now for the Next Downturn

2018, Issue 4

Highlights: Building Hope

2018, Issue 3

Highlights: Get Career Insights from a Test Manager

2018, Issue 2

Highlights: Earning Even One Testing Certification from ASTQB is Noteworthy. She Earned 11. How Did She Do It?

2018, Issue 1

Highlights: What’s On (And Beyond) the Testing Horizon.

2017, Issue 4

Highlights: When Everyone Knows Testing, is That Good or Bad for Your Career?

2017, Issue 3

Highlights: Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Advanced Level Certification Exam

2017, Issue 2

Highlights: The Best Interview Questions for Testing Jobs

2017, Issue 1

Highlights: Risk-based Mobile Testing

2016, Issue 4

Highlights: Get the Testing Job You Want

2016, Issue 3

Highlights: Testing to Secure Your Security

2016, Issue 2

Highlights: Minimum Essential Testing Strategy (METS)

2016, Issue 1

Highlights: Lessons in Agile Implementation

2015, Issue 4

Highlights: 9 Reasons a Test Leader Needs to Lead the Way.

2015, Issue 3

Highlights: How Brilliant Are You?

2015, Issue 2

Highlights: What is It Really Like to Go For Your ISTQB Advanced Level Certification?

2014, Issue 4

Highlights: How Does ISTQB Certification Prepare You for Test Automation?

2014, Issue 2

Highlights: What Does Someone Who Wrote Software For the Space Shuttle Program Have to Say About ISTQB Certification?

2013, Issue 4

Highlights: Do You Want to Be a Happier, More Productive Tester?

2013, Issue 3

Highlights: Are You Taking Full Advantage of Having a Certified Testing Team?

2013, Issue 1

Highlights: Why Security Testing is Important to Your Career.

2012, Issue 4

Highlights: The Most Frequently Asked Question.

2012, Issue 3

Highlights: Testers Have the Happiest Jobs.

2012, Issue 2

Highlights: The Importance of Test Tools Versus the Test Process.

2012, Issue 1

Highlights: How ISTQB Certification Covers Agile Testing.

2011, Issue 3

Highlights: Is the Testing Profession Headed Toward a Brick Wall?

2011, Issue 2

Highlights: The Most Efficient Form of Quality Assurance: Building Software the Right Way

2011, Issue 1

Highlights: What Do Test Managers Think About Your Certification?

2010, Issue 4

Highlights: Relying on More than Just Good Luck

2010, Issue 3

Highlights: ASTQB Certified College Students Make the Grade for Company’s Clients

2010, Issue 2

Highlights: Managing Rapid Growth in Testing Consulting and Outsourcing

2010, Issue 1

Highlights: What Led to Your Career in Testing?

2009, Issue 2

Highlights: Interview with Professor Patricia McQuaid, Ph.D., CTFL, CISA

2009, Issue 1

Highlights: Interview with Quality Assurance Manager Debra Friedenberg, CTFL

2008, Issue 2

Highlights: Interview with Test Manager Bill McMichael, CTAL, PMP, CSM

2008, Issue 1

Highlights: Interview with Freelance Consultant Jose Mata, CTFL