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Tester's Day
Happy Tester's Day!!

Tester's Day is Almost Here!

Let everyone know that September 9th is Tester's Day!
What is the origin of Tester's Day being celebrated on September 9th? It goes back to 1947 and the first actual computer bug. It wasn't a bit of code gone wrong – it was an actual dead moth shorting out the relay on the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator. 
It is debated who found the bug, but a scientist taped that dead bug in the log book with a note: "First actual case of bug being found." Because this person included the word "actual" in their comment, it can be interpreted that other types of computer bugs had already been found. 
The scientists went on to popularize the terms "bug" and "debug," squashing them into the standard language of computer programming.
Another interesting fact: "Bug" wasn't a new term but already existed in the engineering lexicon, dating back as far as 1887 with Thomas Edison. It also landed in Webster's Second International Dictionary in 1934.
Post the social media graphic above to let everyone know that as a tester you are making the world better, safer, and more fun! Happy Tester's Day!

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