Hiring skilled software testers is crucial for building high-quality software. But finding the right fit can be challenging. That’s where the AT*Work™ directory of QA tester job candidates, powered by the Association for Testing and Software Quality Assurance (AT*SQA), comes in.

Here’s how AT*Work™ simplifies your search and ensures top-tier talent:

  • Certified Professionals: Forget resumes filled with claims. ATWork™ showcases testers who have earned recognized certifications and micro-credentials from AT*SQA, guaranteeing their competency and adherence to professional standards.
  • Tailored Search: No more sifting through irrelevant profiles. AT*Work™ lets you filter by specific skills, experience levels, and job types. Find full-time candidates, those seeking new opportunities, or even independent testers for short-term projects.
  • Communication Focus: Beyond technical expertise, AT*Work™ ensures testers possess strong communication skills in American English. This helps ensure seamless team integration and smooth project collaboration.
  • Efficient Ranking: The Testing Tiers® system ranks QA testers based on their qualifications, placing the most accomplished ones at the top. This saves you time and simplifies candidate comparison, especially for those with multiple certifications.

Why Choose AT*Work™ for Your Hiring Needs?

Recruiting the right tester impacts your software quality and success. Choosing AT*Work™ means:

  • Simplified hiring: Access a pre-screened pool of certified professionals, saving you time and effort.
  • Confidence in quality: Hire testers who have proven their skills and knowledge through rigorous assessments.
  • Enhanced team performance: Integrate skilled professionals who excel in communication and collaboration.

Investing in AT*Work™ is an investment in your software testing team’s excellence. Attract top talent, streamline your hiring process, and build a team that guarantees high-quality software every time. Find software QA testing job candidates with AT*Work™ right now.