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The ISTQB exam question levels are as follows:

  • K1 = Remember: You should remember or recognize a term or a concept.
  • K2 = Understand: You should select an explanation for a statement related to the question topic.
  • K3 = Apply: You should select the correct application of a concept or technique and apply it to a given context.
  • K4 = Analyze: You can separate information related to a procedure or technique into its constituent parts for better understanding and can distinguish between facts and inferences.
  • K5 = Evaluate: You may make judgments based on criteria and standards. He detects inconsistencies or fallacies within a process or product, determines whether a process or product has internal consistency, and detects the effectiveness of a procedure as it is being implemented.
  • K6 = Create: You put elements together to form a coherent or functional whole. A typical application is to reorganize elements into a new pattern or structure, devise a procedure for accomplishing some task or invent a product.

These are cognitive levels or thinking skills.

Which cognitive levels of questions are used in each type of ISTQB exam?

  • K1 – K3 level questions may appear in the ISTQB Foundation Level exams
  • K2 – K4 level questions may appear in ISTQB Advanced Level exams
  • K2 – K6 level questions may appear in the ISTQB Expert Level exams

How can I determine which cognitive levels are covered in the ISTQB syllabus for a given certification?

You can find these K levels listed in the ISTQB syllabus for each section. This lets you know the expectation for that section. For example, in the ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus, it mentions the K-level next to the subtopic number:

Learning Objectives for Fundamentals of Testing:
1.1 What is Testing?
FL-1.1.1 (K1) Identify typical objectives of testing
FL-1.1.2 (K2) Differentiate testing from debugging

You can freely view and download the ISTQB syllabi here.

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