What is an ISTQB exam?

ISTQB software testing exams are the leading standard for software testing certification in both the United States and globally.

Can I take the ISTQB exam online?

Yes, ISTQB exams are available through ASTQB. You can take them online from home. Register here for an ISTQB exam.

What are the fees for ISTQB certification?

How can I prepare for ISTQB?

Preparation for exams differs from person to person. Someone with experience in the software testing field might be able to self-study using our free ISTQB exam preparation materials and our free software testing knowledge base. Many people also find it helpful to take an exam through one of our Accredited Training Providers.

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Is it worth getting ISTQB certification?

Yes, it’s worth getting ISTQB certification because it gives you the recognition you deserve as a software tester. Even if you test software only part-time, ISTQB certification gives you software quality skills and helps your career.

What is the benefit of ISTQB certification?

ISTQB certification helps you get jobs and earn promotions because it proves you have specific software testing knowledge.

Is there negative marking in ISTQB exams?

You do not lose points in an ISTQB exam for an incorrect answer.

What is syllabus for ISTQB certification?

The ISTQB syllabus is an outline of the subjects in the course of study. Another name for the syllabus is “body of knowledge”. The syllabi provide details and information important to know before taking the exam.

What does ISTQB stand for?

ISTQB is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. It consists of representatives from each existing national board, such as the ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board. The ISTQB decides on the standards for certification. Working parties within ISTQB are responsible for developing and maintaining the various software testing syllabi and exams. Country boards such as ASTQB (ISTQB in the United States) then use those syllabi to create exams in the language that is most appropriate for that country. This is why American employers visit the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ – American employers want to know you understand American English in a software testing environment and have taken the ASTQB American English version of the ISTQB exam.

How do I retake the ISTQB Foundation Level exam?

To retake the ISTQB Foundation Level you will need to purchase a new ISTQB exam voucher. ASTQB does offer free retakes for ISTQB Advanced Exams if you qualify.

What is CTFL?

CTFL is the acronym for Certified Tester Foundation Level, the first level of ISTQB certification.

How do beginners learn to test?

To learn how to do software testing, start by visiting our free ISTQB materials and software testing knowledge base.

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Is software testing a good career?

Software testing is a fantastic career choice! Why? Software testing is constantly evolving and it has many different interesting areas. Technology is changing so quickly that software testers are essential for quality and performance.