Get a Software Testing Job and Then Get Promoted

Software QA testing is an excellent job choice. Studies show it offers great job satisfaction, great pay, and strong demand!


Want to build a career in software testing? You’ve come to the right place! We offer many resources that will help you find a U.S. job in software testing and build a great career. Who are we? We’re ASTQB, the official United States representative of ISTQB Software Testing Certification. We can help you if you want to get a job or build your career in testing. The key: QA testing certification.

U.S. employers want testers with ISTQB certification. See this list with just some of the companies asking for ISTQB certification in their U.S. software tester job postings. It’s impressive! U.S. employers check the Official U.S List of Certified Software Testers™, so be sure to take all of your ISTQB certifications through ASTQB and our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA because only ASTQB and AT*SQA can add you to the list so you have an advantage for ISTQB jobs!

Have you been laid off from your software testing job, are looking for your first software testing job, or are you an independent/freelance software tester? Our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA offers the AT*Work™ list of software testers for hire that connects employers with software testers. Getting your ISTQB certification through ASTQB and AT*SQA qualifies you to be in the software tester directory that employers search to find and hire software testers. (Employers: See how AT*Work™ makes it easy to recruit and hire software QA testers.)

Where do I start if I want a software testing job or promotion? See “Technical and Business Skills to Master for a Career in Software Testing QA“. Everyone who tests software needs to start with ISTQB Foundation Level certification. But to get promoted you need more than just Foundation Level. See the software testing career path to understand where you can go from there! Also learn the answer to this question: “Is it worth getting ISTQB certification?” And see the many options you have with the software testing career path.

No experience in software testing? Learn how ISTQB certification from ASTQB can help you get a U.S. software testing job. Are you still in school? See the 4 reasons students should consider software testing a profession. No bachelor’s degree? See why the software testing profession is a great choice even without a college degree.

Official U.S. of U.S. Certified Software Testers™

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If you want a job in the U.S. or with a U.S. company – even if you live in another country – then you want to be on the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ – the list used by American employers!

See the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™

Software Testing Job Advice

Start by reading “How Do I Build a Career in Software Testing?” Then, whether you are applying for your first software testing job, or looking for a new one, it’s helpful to be aware of the characteristics employers seek in a software tester. Download our free software testing white paper: How to Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant.

ASTQB Can Help You Get a Job
ASTQB Can Help You Get a Job

True Story: “ASTQB Mobile Tester provided me with a remote job!”

Read the story of someone who got a remote job in software testing thanks to their certification through ASTQB.

True Story: “ASTQB certifications tend to propel my resume to the top of the pile.”

Read the story of a tester who tells you how to get software testing interviews. The secret: her ASTQB certifications helped her resume get the attention of employers.

Get Your First Job in Software Testing – Even If You Don’t Have Experience

So many job postings ask for experience. If you have no software testing job experience, see this.

Post Your Software Testing & QA Jobs for Free

If you seek testers who are U.S.-certified, and your job asks for “ASTQB/ISTQB,” “U.S. ISTQB” or “AT*SQA,” AT*SQA will post your software testing job at no charge.

Why Software Testing / Software Quality Assurance is a Great Job and Career

It’s good to have a profession you love, and it’s even better when people want to hire you for that profession. Forbes has called software quality assurance engineering The Happiest Job in America. And Fortune has cited software quality assurance engineers and testers as among the Top 10 in Demand Jobs.

Software Testing Interview Questions

Together with our ISTQB exam registration partner, AT*SQA, we surveyed software testers, QA analysts, and test managers and asked them about software testing interview questions. We covered common software testing interview questions, unusual software testing interview questions, and questions that should be asked more often in software testing interviews. You’ll find them very helpful if you are getting ready for an interview, either as the candidate or the interviewer.

Scholarship Opportunities in Software Testing

If you are a student or are planning to go back to school, choosing software testing can have an immediate benefit: scholarship opportunities. See our list of scholarships for those studying software testing, quality and engineering.

Certification in Software Testing

Getting your software testing certification has many benefits: 1) It demonstrates that you are serious about the profession of software testing. 2) It shows that you have acquired key software knowledge and/or skills. 3) It sets you on a globally recognized career path for software testers that can lead to advanced and expert levels – see the very helpful software testing career map. 4) It gives you an advantage over the competition at key career points when you can show that you are certified as having Agile testing, mobile testing, test management, test automation, and other relevant knowledge. Learn why software testers choose ASTQB Software Testing Certification to advance their careers.

Software Testing Internships

As we note in the ASTQB white paper, “How to Get a Job in Software Testing,” employers are seeking job candidates with experience, and a software testing internship can be a great start in that direction. (We recommend that you download the free white paper right now.) To that end, we have compiled a list of sources for software testing internships.  See the software testing internship opportunities.

We have also assembled a list of resources for companies considering offering internships, as interns can be a great source of recruits for full-time positions. See the resources for creating internships.

Software Testing Micro-Credentials

If you aren’t sure what type of testing you want to do in your career, you can explore new testing topics through AT*SQA’s software testing micro-credentials. These micro-credentials let you explore software testing areas such as API testing, DevOps testing, test automation, performance testing, test approaches, testing techniques, usability testing, cybersecurity testing, IoT/Mobile testing, and other popular testing topics – see the full list of software testing micro-credentials from AT*SQA. These don’t replace ISTQB certifications from ASTQB, but they are an easy way to see if you are interested in a testing topic before stepping up to the full certification.