The online ISTQB Glossary of software testing terms has more than 500 definitions. However, if you are studying for the ISTQB Foundation Level exam, these tips make it easier to prepare.

  • Narrow down the terms to those you need for ISTQB Foundation Level (4.0 or 3.1, or any other ISTQB exam) by clicking on the blue circular “settings” button with 3 lines. It is next to the Search box.
  • Use the pulldown menu under “Filter for terms used in a syllabus”
  • Select “Foundation” at the top of the pulldown
  • Click Apply
  • Place your cursor in the Search… box
  • Hit “Return” on your keyboard

Now you see only the approximately 225 terms that you need to understand for the ISTQB Foundation Level.

If English is not your first language, you might find it helpful to choose “Also display in a second language” in the settings.

If you are searching for specific software testing terms, you can choose other settings that might be helpful:

  • Name (probably useful in every case)
  • Abbreviation
  • Definition
  • Synonyms
  • Reference

When searching for terms used in a syllabus, you can also change the settings to “Keywords only” and “Exact matches only”.

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