How to Get a Game Testing Job in 4 Steps

Logo of the Official US List of Certified TestersGame testing jobs always ask for knowledge like this:

  • Game Testing Job: Must have understanding of the software test cycle process.
  • Game Tester Wanted: Needs strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes.
  • Video Game Tester Job: Knowledge of building test plans and developing test execution strategy needed.

But if you have no experience testing games, how do you get video game testing knowledge? The answer is ISTQB Certification from ASTQB. Read this excerpt from a recent job posting. REQUIREMENT: “At least 1 year of progressive experience in the validation of software systems. Foundation level with Agile Tester Extension ISTQB certification can substitute for this experience.

Game companies value ISTQB certification. Here’s proof:

You’ve heard of Blizzard Entertainment, right? They are the incredibly successful company behind games like “World of Warcraft,” “Heroes of the Storm,” “Overwatch,” and “Starcraft”. Blizzard Entertainment has so many ISTQB certified software testers that they are an ISTQB Platinum Partner through ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (this site). This demonstrates Blizzard Entertainment’s commitment to ISTQB software testing certification for their software quality. Think about that.

If you want a game testing job, you really need the #1 certification for software testing, ISTQB, from ASTQB.

Don’t waste your money with any other game testing job courses or certification. Nothing else has the credibility of ISTQB from ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (the site you’re on right now,

Get started toward a game testing job. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Learn the information so you can take the ISTQB Foundation Level exam. You can get the free ISTQB syllabus (what you need to know) below or take a testing training class from an ASTQB accredited training provider.
  2. Take the ISTQB exam only through ASTQB. You can register to take the exam through a test center (they are located throughout the U.S. and in almost every country in the world). Be sure it is the ISTQB exam from ASTQB because employers check our official American list of ISTQB certified testers here on this site or by calling our office to confirm you are really certified!
    As the American testing board for ISTQB, ASTQB gives you lots of extras like:

    • Easier to understand exam questions
    • Free sample exams
    • Exclusive job listings from companies who want ISTQB certified testers
    • Plus, American companies check with us to see if you’re really ISTQB certified, so ONLY take an ISTQB exam from ASTQB or you won’t show up in our directory of certified testers.
  3. Pass the exam from ASTQB. Yea! Now we’ll add you to the ASTQB online directory so employers can confirm you are ISTQB Certified.
  4. Use the ASTQB Career Center and other resources to apply for jobs. The ASTQB Career Center lets you add your resume and look for jobs that are available only to testers who were certified by ASTQB.

Video game testing jobs want proof you understand key testing terminology and methodology. That’s one of the reasons ISTQB is the global #1, most popular certification for software testing.

Don’t wait. It’s important to start on your ISTQB software testing certification now to get your job testing games. Begin by reviewing the free software testing glossary, exam syllabus (what you need to know to pass the exam) and sample exams below, as well as the steps to certification / FAQ. Then register to take the ISTQB exam from ASTQB. We hope to see you soon on ASTQB’s official American list of ISTQB certified testers!

We often get this question: “What’s next after ISTQB Foundation Level certification if I want to really stand out?” If you want to test apps, you’ll also want ASTQB’s Mobile Testing Certification. And you can impress companies even more with your ISTQB Agile Testing Certification. But those are optional, simple next steps. Start with the easy first step of getting your ISTQB Foundation Level certification with the information below or if you need help, by taking an accredited software testing training course.

Get started right now. Your dream job is waiting!

See the video below on how to get a game testing job in 4 steps.

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