How to Get a Video Game Testing Job in 3 Steps

Logo of the Official US List of Certified TestersBefore you see the 3 steps to becoming a video game tester, realize this: Game companies want to hire testers who are ISTQB certified by ASTQB.

Below are just some of the U.S. video game companies that posted jobs asking for the applicant to have ISTQB certification. Recognize these names?

  • Blizzard Entertainment (video games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft)
  • Epic Games (video games such as Fortnite)
  • Riot Games (video games such as League of Legends) – listen to our interview with a tester from Riot games
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Group (video games such as Mortal Kombat)
  • Zynga (mobile games such as Words With Friends)
  • Amazon Games (video games such as New World)

Employers like to see testers with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification, which has international acceptance and industry recognition. It’s a “foot-in-the-door” type certification that instantly makes you eligible for the majority of QA positions at all levels. – TechTarget, “How Software Testing Certifications Can Boost Your Career”

So if you want a game testing job, you need ISTQB certification from ASTQB.

Make sure you get your ISTQB certification through ASTQB and our exam provider AT*SQA. Why? Because American employers check the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ and the Testing Tiers™ software tester rankings. The ONLY way you can appear on that list is by getting your certification through us and AT*SQA.

Here are the easy 3 steps to get started toward a game testing job:

  1. Learn the information so you can pass the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification exam. You can get the free ISTQB syllabus (what you need to know) and sample exam questions below. Note that ISTQB Foundation Level Certification is a prerequisite for all other ISTQB certifications, including the new ISTQB Game Tester Certification. So start with ISTQB Foundation Level, and then add other ISTQB certifications.
  2. Register for your ISTQB exam through ASTQB. You can take the ISTQB exam at home or through a test center anywhere in the world.
  3. Pass the ISTQB exam from ASTQB. Yes! Now we’ll add you to the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ and give you points toward your Testing Tiers® software tester ranking so video game employers can see you are ISTQB certified by the official U.S. board for ISTQB, ASTQB. Plus you can appear in the AT*Work directory of software testers if you are seeking your first software testing job, are between jobs, or are interested in independent software testing.

Don’t wait. It’s important to start on your ISTQB software testing certification now to get your job testing games. Begin by reviewing the free software testing glossary, exam syllabus (what you need to know to pass the exam) and sample exams below, as well as the steps to certification / FAQ. Then register to take the ISTQB exam from ASTQB. We hope to see you soon on ASTQB’s official American list of ISTQB certified testers! Your next step after ISTQB Foundation Level? The ISTQB Game Testing certification.

Get started right now. Your dream job testing video games is waiting for you!

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