Get the power of certification: As a consultant, ISTQB software testing certification helps you to stand apart from your competition.

Logo of the Official US List of Certified TestersIt could make the difference in whether you are even considered for a project, as some insurance rates are qualified based on whether the company utilizes ISTQB Certified software testers.  If you are ISTQB Certified, and your competition is not, you are more likely to be awarded the project (see below). And certainly, keeping your clients’ software out of the headlines is always better for your business.

See the video below on why consultants choose ISTQB software testing certification.

Here are just a few ways ISTQB Certification gives you an advantage and helps you to Keep Your Software Out of the Headlines®

  • You can trust ISTQB certification, and your clients can trust your software testing knowledge. ISTQB software tester certification is the most popular software testing certification in the world, with more than 570,000 software testing certifications issued across more than 100 countries. (ASTQB is the non-profit organization for software testing certification throughout the U.S.)
  • It could reduce your costs – and your clients’ costs. Learn how ISTQB software testing certification can cut costs – download the free white paper, “Cut Software Development Costs”. As an added bonus, you and your clients may now be able to qualify for lower insurance costs thanks to your ISTQB Software Tester Certification. Hiscox Insurance Company is now qualifying technology insurance applicants on whether their software testers are ISTQB Certified. Learn more and and see the technology insurance quote formLet all of your clients know about this – it could give you a competitive advantage!
  • It demonstrates your knowledge.  It can be difficult for prospective clients to know for certain if you can handle the project.  ISTQB software testing certification is one more indication of your knowledge that can put them at ease.
  • It brings consistency to your testing engagements.  By utilizing ISTQB certification, you offer clients a standard of communication, methodology and excellence in your software testing.
  • It shows your professionalism. The higher levels of ISTQB software tester certification show that you are committed to excellence in software testing and a leader in your profession.
  • It could help you gain business. ISTQB supports you by letting others know how ISTQB Certified testers can help their organizations. See “Why Companies Choose ISTQB” and share it with your prospective clients.

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As a consultant, your company can gain a competitive edge by advertising its use of ISTQB software testing certification. Learn about the ISTQB Partner Program that helps your company build awareness of your testers’ ISTQB certifications among potential clients.