Important: Be certain your training provider is giving you the ASTQB or AT*SQA version of the ISTQB exam. To be eligible for a free retake of select exams and appear on the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers, you must have taken the ASTQB or AT*SQA version of the ISTQB exam. If you take your exam from any other organization, you lose your eligibility for the free retake and the list.

ASTQB recommends that you prepare for the ASTQB and ISTQB exams by utilizing an ASTQB-accredited training provider. We cannot confirm the accuracy or authenticity of other, non-accredited online test preparation sites or materials.

How does a course become accredited?

Software testing training companies that offer ISTQB certification compliant courses must first undergo an application process. Three members of the ASTQB review their course materials regarding coverage of the ISTQB certification syllabus. This ensures that someone taking a course with this company has a reasonable chance to pass the exam. The ASTQB also requires that courses be taught by an ISTQB Certified Tester. Other factors, such as experience in training of software professionals and experience in testing, the provision of adequate facilities, and documentation of quality assurance procedures within the applicant’s company, also influence the ASTQB’s decision on accreditation.

Software Testing Training Course Providers

Are all the software testing training courses offered identical?

No. Although the syllabus outlines the areas to be covered, it neither prescribes depth nor a specific ordering of the material. ASTQB does not offer courses or sell course materials to training companies. One major principle of the program, the separation of exam / certification administration from teaching, ensures choice and competition at the training level.


How much does an ISTQB-compliant software testing training course cost?

That depends on the software testing training company you choose. Since all accredited training companies operate independently, their pricing will vary. One of the core principles of the ISTQB certification program is to ensure competition at the training level, so please shop around.

Software Testing Training Course Providers

Do I have to take a software testing training course in order to take the exam?

No. The ASTQB will administer the exam independent of any courses. You may take the exam at any of the locations published on the ASTQB website. Courses can be taken to prepare for the exam, and ISTQB compliant courses are being offered by ISTQB accredited training providers. In this case, the ASTQB will send a representative to administer the exam directly following the course per an agreement it has with ISTQB accredited training companies.

There are resources available online for your exam preparation.

How can I verify whether a software testing training provider is actually ISTQB accredited?

By checking whether or not that software testing training company is on our list of software testing training course providers.

Where can I find information on software testing training courses offered by ISTQB accredited training providers?

Visit our list of software testing training course providers and follow the links to the software testing training company’s own website to find their most up-to-date schedule.


Would you like to become an ISTQB training provider? See “How to Become an ISTQB Training Course Provider”.

Become an ISTQB Training Course Provider

What does the ASTQB do for an accredited software testing training provider?

If your training company has been accredited by ASTQB and you have paid the appropriate annual fees, we may include it in our marketing efforts. Examples may include:

  • We may list and link to your company on the ASTQB website, which can be very helpful for driving traffic to your site.
  • We may provide a list of accredited training providers in brochure form to visitors at our booth when we exhibit at trade shows.
  • We may publish offers from accredited training providers in our newsletters throughout the year.
  • We may provide special support and tools for your exam voucher purchases and your exam administration.

Note that ASTQB reserves the right to update the benefits at any time. ASTQB may also provide preferential benefits and marketing exposure to those ASTQB accredited training providers who can prove that they offer only ASTQB’s version of ISTQB exams to their customers.