API testing is critically important for software quality, and software testers need to prove their knowledge of API testing to move their career forward.

There is no ISTQB API Testing certification, but there are ISTQB certifications and an AT*SQA micro-credential that cover API testing. Here is information that will help you learn and prove your API testing knowledge with the help of ASTQB and our official exam provider AT*SQA.

While ISTQB Foundation Level certification does briefly mention API testing, it doesn’t go into much detail. The ISTQB certifications that cover API testing the most are ISTQB Technical Test Analyst with nearly 30 mentions and a subsection on API testing, and ISTQB Test Automation Engineering. Note that ISTQB Foundation Level certification is a prerequisite for the other two certifications.

In addition to these options, our official exam provider AT*SQA offers the API Testing micro-credential. In this case, the entire body of knowledge (syllabus) is dedicated to API testing. There is no prerequisite for AT*SQA’s API Testing micro-credential, and it would be an excellent start or addition to the ISTQB certifications mentioned above. AT*SQA also offers an inexpensive online software testing training course that will help you prepare for their API Testing micro-credential.

All of the certifications and the micro-credential add to your Testing Tiers® ranking, and increase your level in the Official U.S. List of Certified and Credentialed Software Testers™ as well as the AT*Work™ list of testers for hire, so start building your knowledge and credentials today.