How Many Levels Does ISTQB Have?

There are 3 levels in ISTQB certification:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Advanced Level
  • ISTQB Expert Level

Note that these three ISTQB levels apply only to the Agile and Core certifications:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Agile Tester (Foundation Level)
  • ISTQB Technical Tester (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Agile Test Leadership at Scale (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Test Manager (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Test Analyst (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Technical Test Analyst (Advanced Level)

In addition, ISTQB offers 10+ certifications that it refers to as Specialist certifications. These include ISTQB Game Testing, ISTQB Acceptance Testing, ISTQB Performance Testing, and many others.

See the full list of ISTQB certifications. If you have questions, please contact the support team.