How many levels does ISTQB have? What are the different levels of ISTQB certification? Does every ISTQB certification have a level?

There are 3 levels of ISTQB certification:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Advanced Level
  • ISTQB Expert Level

However, these three ISTQB levels apply only to the Agile and Core certifications:

  • ISTQB Foundation Level
  • ISTQB Agile Tester (Foundation Level)
  • ISTQB Agile Technical Tester (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Test Manager (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Test Analyst (Advanced Level)
  • ISTQB Technical Test Analyst (Advanced Level)

There are no levels defined for the many ISTQB certifications that are referred to as ISTQB Specialist certifications. These include:

  • ISTQB Acceptance Testing
  • ISTQB AI Testing
  • ISTQB Automative Software Tester
  • ISTQB Gambling Industry Tester
  • ISTQB Mobile Application Testing
  • ISTQB Model-Based Tester
  • ISTQB Security Tester
  • ISTQB Test Automation Engineer
  • ISTQB Game Testing
  • ISTQB Acceptance Testing
  • ISTQB Performance Testing
  • ISTQB Usability Testing
  • ISTQB Agile Test Leadership at Scale

See the full list of ISTQB certifications. If you have questions, please contact the support team.