ISTQB in the U.S.Get Free ISTQB Exam Questions

ISTQB sample exams contain dozens of ISTQB exam questions that will help you prepare for your ISTQB certification exam.

To download these free ISTQB exam questions, go to the ISTQB Sample Exams, Syllabi, and Glossary page, and choose the middle tab, “Sample Exams.”

  1. These ISTQB exam questions are separated into two documents for each ISTQB certification:
  2. The ISTQB exam questions
  3. The ISTQB exam answers

The ISTQB exam answers include the ISTQB exam question number, the letter of the correct answer, a very helpful explanation/rationale, the learning objective, and the number of points that the ISTQB exam question was worth. ISTQB exam questions are available for ISTQB Foundation Level certification, ISTQB Advanced Level certifications, and ISTQB Agile/specialty certifications.

Tip: As you prepare for the ISTQB exam and practice these exam questions, pay particular attention to the ISTQB exam answer explanation/rationale. Then go to the learning objective in the ISTQB syllabus so you can better understand the ISTQB exam topic and concept.

When you are ready to take your ISTQB exam, be sure to schedule it through ASTQB and their global ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA. When you pass your ISTQB exam, ASTQB & AT*SQA will add you to the ISTQB successful candidate register plus the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ and give you points toward your Testing Tiers® software tester level. Only ASTQB & AT*SQA can add you to both lists and award you Testing Tiers® points toward your ranking.