Are you ready to build your career with ISTQB Advanced Level Software Testing Certification from ASTQB?

Only ASTQB lets you retake select ISTQB exams for free when you meet the exam and training criteria!

ISTQB Advanced Level Software Testing Certification can take your career to a higher level because:

  • It shows you have a strong commitment to the testing profession and self-improvement.
  • It demonstrates you have advanced software testing skills.
  • It proves you have the desire to move higher in your career and your organization.

If you don’t have Advanced Level certification yet, here is great advice from a testing professional who earned every Foundation and Advanced certification ASTQB offers! She did it, you can too!

In addition, this free podcast on Advanced certification will inspire you. Hear a veteran tester describe:

  1. Why you shouldn’t fear the Advanced Level exam
  2. How to prepare for the exam, including two very important tips
  3. Why it’s important for your career – and your company – that you become Advanced Level certified

This is a podcast that will give you confidence that you can achieve Advanced Level certification!

Note: If you plan to work for an American company as an employee or contractor, even from another country, you must register for the ISTQB exam through this site, the ASTQB website. That is because American companies check this, the ASTQB website (not the ISTQB website), to determine if you are certified.

The Advanced Level Software Testing Certifications are segmented into two groups:

Get started by downloading the free ISTQB Advanced Level Software Testing syllabi. You can also download free sample exams for the ISTQB Advanced Level certifications, along with the free software testing glossary.

Do you have questions about Advanced Level Software Testing Certification? We have great resources to help put you at ease: