What are the Testing Tiers® software tester ranking levels? How can Testing Tiers® help me?

The Testing Tiers® software tester ranking levels are provided by AT*SQA to help companies and managers compare software testers when considering software testing jobs and promotions.

Only ISTQB certifications from AT*SQA and ASTQB are included in Testing Tiers® so it is important that you register for your ISTQB exams through AT*SQA or through ASTQB.

To see the Testing Tiers® ranking for a software tester, click on that tester’s “Profile” in the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™.

Testing Tiers® helps you as a manager because it can be difficult to compare testers who have multiple ISTQB certifications such as ISTQB Foundation Level, ISTQB Advanced Level, ISTQB Expert Level, and the many ISTQB specialty certifications. Testing Tiers® awards points based on the type of certification as well as key training and continuing education. The resulting Testing Tiers® level is a helpful indicator of their software testing certifications and continuing education.

Testing Tiers® helps you as a tester because it gives you greater recognition for your ISTQB certifications and continuing education effort through ASTQB and AT*SQA. As you add ISTQB certifications, you move up in points and you increase in level versus other software testers.

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Testing Tiers® is a trademark of AT*SQA, the official ISTQB exam provider globally for ASTQB.