Want a job in software testing or software QA?

Then you need ISTQB software testing certification from ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

ISTQB Certification is the global standard for software testing certification. It is the #1 software testing certification in the world, used by more than 570,000 testers in 100+ countries.

Important: If you want to work for a U.S. company, even from another country, you must register for the ISTQB exam here on the ASTQB website. U.S. companies check with ASTQB to see if you are in the official list of U.S. certified testers. ASTQB also offers an easier to understand exam, career support, webinars and more.

Get started with the steps to software testing certification.

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Certification through ASTQB opens doors to software testing and QA analyst jobs:

  • Many companies ask for ISTQB or ASTQB certification in their job postings
  • Hiring managers say ISTQB and ASTQB certifications prove your interest in software testing.
  • The ASTQB testing skills path gives you flexibility so you can test apps, test security, test games, and more.

Learn more by choosing from the links below.

  • The free glossary of software testing – choose from the PDF and online, searchable options below.
  • The free ISTQB body of knowledge that we refer to as the syllabus – see directly below.
  • The free ISTQB Foundation Level Certification sample exam questions – see directly below.

Foundation Level Preparation Resources