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Want a job in software testing or software QA?

To get a software testing job, you need to start with ISTQB software testing certification from ASTQB, the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

“As far as getting the attention of employers, I do feel that my ASTQB certifications tend to propel my resume to the top of the pile.

If you want a job in the U.S. or want to work in another country for a U.S. company, you should register for your ISTQB exam through ASTQB. ASTQB is the official U.S. representative of ISTQB. Only ASTQB and our ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA can add you to BOTH the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ that American employers check plus the ISTQB successful candidate registry. And only ASTQB & AT*SQA can give you points toward your Testing Tiers™ software tester ranking (take all of your ISTQB certification exams through ASTQB * AT*SQA and watch your Testing Tiers™ level grow quickly!).

I have no experience testing software. How can I get a job as a software tester?

ISTQB Certification from ASTQB can help! See this job posting requirement:

  • “At least 1 year of progressive experience in the validation of software systems. Foundation level with Agile Tester Extension ISTQB certification can substitute for this experience.”

That’s why getting ISTQB certification from ASTQB is so helpful in getting a software testing job. Plus, we run millions of ads each year promoting the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers to employers. That gives you extra attention!

Important: If you want to work for a U.S. company, even from another country, you must register for the ISTQB exam here on the ASTQB website. U.S. companies check with ASTQB to see if you are certified.

Where do I start?

Everyone involved in software quality should start with the relatively easy ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) certification mentioned above.

After the foundation level, our career path helps you build the software testing skills that are in demand, such as the Agile Tester certification also mentioned above.

Start now by using the free resources below.

Foundation Level Preparation Resources

Download our free white paper, How to Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant.

Certification through ASTQB opens doors to software testing and QA analyst jobs:

  • Many companies ask for ISTQB or ASTQB certification in their job postings
  • Hiring managers say ISTQB and ASTQB certifications prove your interest in software testing.
  • The ASTQB testing skills path gives you flexibility so you can test apps, test security, test games, and more.

Are you looking for your first software testing job, have been laid off from your current testing job, or do freelance software testing? Add yourself to the AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory. AT*Work™ helps ISTQB certified software testers find software testing jobs. To appear in AT*Work™, you must earn your ISTQB certification through ASTQB and AT*SQA – it’s another free benefit.