Recruiting outstanding software testers is crucial to your organization’s success. This task becomes even more challenging for employers who are not just seeking technical expertise, but also a deep-rooted passion for quality assurance and the communication skills necessary to bridge the gap between development and production.

The AT*Work™ list of software testers for hire emerges as a pivotal resource for hiring software testers. This exclusive directory, brought to you by the Association for Testing and Software Quality Assurance (AT*SQA), transcends traditional job boards. As a globally recognized leader in software testing certification, micro-credentials, and education, AT*SQA offers a thoughtfully curated pool of pre-screened talent, ready to deliver immediate value to your software QA team.

Distinctive Features of AT*Work™

  • ISTQB Certification Verification: The list exclusively features testers who hold valid ISTQB certifications through AT*SQA and ASTQB (ISTQB in the U.S.), encompassing levels from Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) to Certified Tester Advanced Level (CTAL) and key specialty certifications such as Certified Tester Test Automation Engineering. These globally respected certifications affirm the testers’ knowledge and skills in modern software testing methodologies and best practices.
  • Skills Analysis: Each tester on AT*Work™ provides detailed insights into their professional journey, outlining their testing knowledge, technological proficiencies, and experience levels. This enables employers to quickly search for software testers whose skill sets and backgrounds align precisely with their specific needs.
  • Micro-Credentials for Specialization: The list also includes software testers with AT*SQA’s micro-credentials, underscoring testers’ expertise in specialized areas such as performance testing, security testing, API testing, or agile testing, facilitating a more focused search for the ideal candidate.

Advantages to Employers Utilizing AT*Work™

  • Streamlined Recruitment Process: The pre-qualified pool of candidates significantly reduces the time and resources required in the hiring process.
  • Established Quality of Hires: Gain confidence in hiring highly qualified, experienced testers with verified software testing certifications and micro-credentials.
  • Access to Diverse Global Talent: The AT*Work™ list presents a spectrum of testers from various parts of the world who indicate if they are available for remote work or relocation, broadening your recruitment reach.

Finding Top-Tier Talent the Easy Way

Choosing the right software testers is an investment in the excellence of your software and the overall success of your business. The AT*Work™ list of testers for hire is a vital tool, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions and ensuring that your software testing meets the highest standards.

Launch your search today and discover the profound impact the AT*Work™ list can have on your software testing recruitment.