Gain Extra Recognition for Yourself with ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™

The new ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ program is designed to extend the value of your standard ISTQB and ASTQB certifications by recognizing the value of intensive hands-on interactive training as part of the certification experience.

While hands-on exercises have always been required as part of the ISTQB course accreditation process, the ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ courses are accredited to include intensive, well defined, hands-on interactive exercises based on realistic scenarios. These exercises must go above and beyond what is required by ISTQB so that candidates are exposed to the concepts in a deep and meaningful way.

If you took an ASTQB Foundation Level accredited course from one of the accredited providers below after March 1, 2015, it may mean you are already eligible for ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ if you took your ISTQB Foundation Level exam through ASTQB or our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA. In that case, you simply need to request your ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ e-certificate once you pass the ASTQB exam. When confirmed, your listing on the Official ASTQB List of Certified Testers will be updated to include Proficiency Distinction™ (for example “John Jones, CTFL with Proficiency Distinction”), and you may begin noting your Proficiency Distinction™ on your resume. See the FAQ below.

See the video below on ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™.

ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ FAQ

Q. What is ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™?
A. ASTQB Proficiency Distinction is a special, elevated form of certification given by ASTQB which recognizes that you have taken your certification to a higher level by attending and participating in a highly interactive ASTQB accredited training course as part of your certification preparation.

Q. Who is eligible for ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™?
A. Anyone who takes an accredited Proficiency Distinction Foundation Level course from an ASTQB Accredited Training Provider after March 1, 2018 and has achieved ISTQB certification by passing the associated ASTQB exam. NOTE: You must take your ISTQB Foundation Level exam from ASTQB and our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA to be eligible for ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™.

Q. How does an accredited Proficiency Distinction™ course differ from a standard accredited training course?
A. In order for a training provider to have a course accredited as a Proficiency Distinction course, it must meet higher standards than that of a standard ISTQB accredited course by emphasizing hands-on, interactive exercises based on real-world situations.

Q. How do I know if I have taken an accredited Proficiency Distinction™ course? 
A. In order to determine if your course has been accredited as a Proficiency Distinction course, check this list of ASTQB accredited software testing training providers. You can find their contact information on the Software Testing Training page.

  • ALP International*
  • Coveros*
  • NOPMARK Consulting**
  • RBCS*
  • Rice Consulting*

*These training providers conducted Foundation Level courses that met the criteria that predates the ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ program, but can still be eligible for recognition. If you completed a course from March 1, 2015 through now, contact your training provider to see if you can receive the Proficiency Distinction™ retroactively.

**This training provider offers a CTFL “Boot Camp” course that can be taken by previous course students to meet the ASTQB Proficiency Distinction™ program requirements.

Q. What if I passed the exam offered by ASTQB but have not taken an accredited Proficiency Distinction™ course?
A. You may still qualify for Proficiency Distinction by taking an accredited Proficiency Distinction bootcamp course from one of ASTQB’s accredited training providers. The current list of accredited Proficiency Distinction providers are identified with a checkmark in the Proficiency Distinction column on the Software Testing Training page.

Q. What if I have taken an accredited Proficiency Distinction™ course but passed an exam offered by a different ISTQB board or Exam Provider?
A. The Proficiency Distinction program is an ASTQB exclusive program offered to ASTQB exam candidates. In order to qualify, you must have taken a Proficiency Distinction accredited course and passed the associated ASTQB exam.

Q. Which certifications apply?
A. Proficiency Distinction is currently available for the ISTQB Foundation Level certification. Proficiency Distinction for other certifications may be available at some time in the future.

Q. Must I take another exam in order to achieve Proficiency Distinction™?
A. No, not if you have taken your exam via ASTQB. By having taken an accredited Proficiency Distinction course and by achieving the ISTQB certification by passing the associated ASTQB exam, you automatically qualify.

Q. How do I receive my Proficiency Distinction™ e-certificate?
A. To receive your Proficiency Distinction and have your status updated in our database, contact ASTQB Headquarters at You will need to include proof of your ASTQB CTFL certification and proof that you have attended an accredited Proficiency Distinction™ course.

Q. What if I have lost my certificate?
A. Contact for information on obtaining a new certificate.

Q. Is there a cost to receive Proficiency Distinction™ and the e-certificate?
A. There is no cost to receive your ASTQB Proficiency Distinction or the e-certificate.

Q. What if I have other questions?
A. Contact