How do you get a software testing job even if you have no experience? Watch the video below.

So many software testing job postings ask for experience.  But how do you get software testing experience if you have none?

ASTQB can help you get a software testing job with certifications for ISTQB Foundation and Agile testing.

For example, requirements from a recent U.S. job posting for software testing said:

“At least 1 year of progressive experience in the validation of software systems.”

That’s the problem, they want experience.

But there is good news! They also said:

“Foundation level with Agile Tester Extension ISTQB certification can substitute for this experience.”

ISTQB certification from ASTQB can really make a difference in getting that first software testing job!

How do you do it? Get started with ISTQB Foundation Level Software Testing Certification from ASTQB. Remember, you must get your ISTQB Certification through ASTQB or our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA to be added to the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ used by U.S. employers. So register for your ISTQB exam through ASTQB or AT*SQA today.

Is the ISTQB Foundation (CTFL) easy or hard?

Get a software testing job: Are you looking for your first software testing job, have been laid off from your current testing job, or do freelance software testing? Add yourself to the AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory. AT*Work™ helps ISTQB certified software testers find software testing jobs. To appear in AT*Work™, you must earn your ISTQB certification through ASTQB and AT*SQA – it’s another free benefit.