Thanks, ASTQB, for the chance to share my story. I don’t usually give reviews about products, but here I am!

I have worked as a Junior developer for a couple of years, without any relevant changes in my life. That’s why I decided to look for a good certification program. My colleagues recommended that I look for quality-related certification because it will improve my point of view and will help me reach a better understanding of code and products at the same time.

I had a fear of getting stuck in the same pool of developers, so I started to study with the resources provided with the ASTQB certification exam. It took a couple of months, and then I took the exam.

I felt confident, thanks to the webinars given by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB). I passed the exam and presented the results to my boss, then I was promoted to work remotely and help in the biggest projects.

It has helped a lot now under the lockdown. I appreciate the benefits of being a mobile certified tester and being part of this community. If you want to succeed as a developer and professional it’s necessary to understand the underlying process of quality, and the point of view of your users. Usually, we start working with teams that focus on the release date without even caring about the products being properly tested for end users. Software is about tools to help our daily tasks be pleasant, so to complete that goal we have to be ready.

Getting the certification was a game-changer in my life. Now with a toddler, I needed more time with my family, and I got it by demonstrating I was capable of it. My recommendation for those who have not decided yet to take certifications with ASTQB … do it!

– Antonio Martinez Perez, CMT – Colombia

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