Elevate Your Software QA Team with Top-Tier Testers from AT*Work

Ready to enhance your company’s software quality assurance (QA) team? Discover the ease and efficiency of hiring the best software testers with the AT*Work™ list of software testers for hire. This is another extra, free benefit from ASTQB (ISTQB in the U.S.) and our official ISTQB exam provider AT*SQA.

AT*Work™ offers a comprehensive, free directory of certified and highly credentialed software testers, tailored specifically to connect employers with outstanding talent in the industry. This software tester directory bridges the gap between your company and a diverse range of professionals – from those eagerly seeking their first role in software testing to seasoned testers who are available for full-time, temporary, or freelance employment.

Each candidate in the AT*Work™ directory holds at least one software testing certification through ASTQB or AT*SQA including every important ISTQB certification. The testers’ profiles are rich with information, displaying diverse skills, proficiencies, and experiences in various testing areas, tools, domains, and programming languages, giving you a detailed insight into each candidate’s capabilities.

AT*Work List of Software Testers Available for Hire

AT*Work’s intuitive search feature allows you to effortlessly tailor your candidate search, focusing on specific skills and knowledge areas essential for your software testing needs.

What sets AT*Work™ apart is its innovative Testing Tiers® ranking system. This system highlights candidates holding the highest qualifications, ensuring that the best testers are readily accessible, simplifying your hiring process.

For U.S. employers, AT*Work is particularly beneficial. Every tester in AT*Work has excelled in one or more official American English software testing exams and has demonstrated their American English communication skills. This ensures effective team communication and a deep commitment to the profession, offering you unparalleled peace of mind in your hiring decisions.

Search the list of testers available for hire to find the ideal match for your specific software testing job requirements, filtering for the skills and proficiency levels your company needs.

Experience the convenience of finding or becoming a skilled software testing professional. Explore AT*Work™ right now and transform your QA team’s capabilities.