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Also read what this software tester had to say:

“Before obtaining any ASTQB certifications, I noticed that hiring managers tended to ask me a lot more technical questions about software testing methodologies and procedures. But now, because I have so many software testing certifications under my belt, the questions I get tend to focus on whether I have familiarity with such and such tool, framework, or programming language. Nobody is trying to get me to prove to them anymore that I have competence in software testing. This has taken a load off of my back when preparing for interviews.

As far as getting the attention of employers, I do feel that my ASTQB certifications tend to propel my resume to the top of the pile. Recruiters have told me that that my certifications show a strong commitment to the software testing profession, and it looks to them that I have given my career a lot of thought and that I am in it for the long haul.”