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Is Your Testing Job Safe in an AI World?

The Last Job Standing in an AI World

If the prediction of AI eliminating most jobs is even close to being true, there is one profession that will surely survive: software testing. Software testers will become the gatekeepers for quality, ethics, and behavior in AI-driven systems. 

See the 5 reasons software testers will keep their jobs in an AI world:

  1. The Human Touch in an AI World
  2. The Safety Net in AI Implementation
  3. The Quality Assurance of Certified Testers
  4. The Evolving Complexity of AI
  5. The Ethical Guardianship of AI

As we venture deeper into AI, the need for skilled, insightful, certified, ethical software testers will only grow. They are not just keeping pace with technological advancements – they are actively shaping a future where AI serves humanity safely and responsibly.

No matter what position you have in software testing, you will also want to be more knowledgeable about AI. ISTQB AI Testing from ASTQB and AT*SQA is a great certification to obtain. 
Read About The 5 Reasons
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