Webinar: Testing for Ransomware Exposure

Watch the Free Webinar on "Testing for Ransomware Exposure" from AT*SQA

Last week's ransomware attack that shut down major U.S. fuel pipelines was another reminder of the importance of security. AT*SQA, our official ISTQB exam provider, has provided a timely webinar on "Testing for Ransomware Exposure" that all testers should watch.

Presented by AT*SQA President Taz Daughtrey, a co-author of the ISTQB Security Testing Certification syllabus and college cybersecurity instructor, this webinar provides helpful insights about the role of testing in cybersecurity. Everyone concerned about security will find this 20-minute webinar an excellent investment of time.
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New Record for U.S. Jobs Requesting ISTQB Certification on U.S. Job Boards


The number of U.S. jobs requesting ISTQB Certification continues to set new records this month. That's not surprising with the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ being used tens of thousands of times this year, and a huge spike in people learning about the new Testing Tiers™ software tester rankings

Hot states for ISTQB tester job postings span the country with the top 10 including Georgia, Texas, New York, California, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Virginia, and Ohio. With all of the competition for ISTQB certified testers, don't forget that AT*SQA will add your job posting for ISTQB certified testers to their site at no charge.

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