Advice for Getting that First QA Testing Job

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Advice for Getting that First QA Testing Job

A person recently contacted us saying they were getting their ISTQB Foundation Level Certification, but had no testing experience. We've seen U.S. employers' ads saying that ISTQB certification can substitute for experience, but we knew you would have some great additional suggestions.

Let's start with this great set of advice from Richard Redman, CTFL, CTFL-AT:
  • Start your QA journey right now. Finding bugs demonstrates your ability to observe software critically.
  • Bring some QA people into your professional network. Talk to them about running a regression test.
  • Explore your software/website on your own. Do exploratory/destructive testing and ask your QAs and Devs about what you find.
  • If you don't work in IT, you can submit questions about defects on message boards or via customer contact forms. Start a conversation. Demonstrate your curiosity, critical thinking, and strong communication skills by testing and reporting.

Richard's last advice says it well: "Don't wait to get hired into a position. Test!" Great suggestions, Richard! 

In addition to the ideas above, we would also suggest that you view ASTQB's free webinars. They will help you learn basic testing concepts that you can discuss both on forums and in interviews.

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