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Back to School: Software Testing Edition

As students head back to school, it's a good time to take a little career quiz!


Question 1: Am I continuing my own professional education so I can move up in my testing career?  YES | NO

Question 2: Have I convinced my manager that supporting my education and certification is good for the company?  YES | NO 

Question 3: Am I encouraging the next generation of students to consider software testing as a profession?  YES | NO

How did you do?
  • If you answered YES to all 3 questions, give yourself an A+!
  • If you scored 2 or less, check the links for easy ways to boost your education and career. 
Use the Career Path to Map Out Your Education

Answers to Software Testing Career Questions

As our official ISTQB exam provider, AT*SQA receives many great questions every week. You can hear some of the answers in their new podcast Q&A area, such as:
  • Do I need to know programming to pass ISTQB?
  • Can I become a software tester if I don't have technical knowledge?
  • What are the best study materials for ISTQB Foundation Level?
  • Can I take an ISTQB exam online from home?
Listen to the answers for these and other questions on AT*SQA's Testing & Software QA Educational Resources page.
Listen to the Testing & Certification Answers

All Types of U.S. Companies Request ISTQB

With yet another record number of U.S. companies requesting ISTQB Certification, it's not surprising that they cover a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples of the diversity found in recent U.S. job postings asking for ISTQB certification:
  • Mastercard: financial services/consumer credit
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: retail/athletic goods
  • Volvo: automotive
  • Humana: insurance/healthcare
  • Crane Co.: engineering/technology
  • ALDI: food/grocery
  • Zynga: mobile apps/games
See a much larger list of U.S. companies that have requested ISTQB certification in their job postings. 
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Micro-Credentials for Software Testing
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