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Prepare Successfully for Your ISTQB Foundation Level Exam from ASTQB

The ISTQB Foundation Level Exam (also called CTFL) is the first ISTQB exam you need to take because it is a prerequisite for all other ISTQB certification exams. Employers value this certification, so it is important you prepare properly for it. 

How do you prepare for the ISTQB Foundation exam?

  • Visit our website to watch a quick video and read the information that will give you tips to pass the Foundation Level exam. Many of these tips can also be applied to many of the other exams through ASTQB – also see some bonus tips in the article below.
  • Download free resources – All of the free resources for the ISTQB Foundation Level are available on our website.
  • Take our free practice exams – After studying the syllabus, take the practice exams. When you are done, study based on the results, and then take them again. This will prepare you for the general format of our exams and help you identify topics that need extra study time.
  • Watch our ISTQB Foundation Level training videos  – Instead of just reading the syllabus, hearing the information helps build it into your memory.  
  • Register and schedule your exam early – Once you feel fairly well prepared for your exam, go ahead and schedule it. We highly suggest that you schedule your exam well in advance. Why? Because it will give you a date to work towards to be ready for the exam. When you register in advance, you can also download and install the software well before your exam day if you are taking it online at home or at work. Preparing for the exam early will help your focus on the exam day.
If you already have ISTQB Foundation Level, keep moving up in your Testing Tiers® software tester ranking and level by choosing the next step in your software testing career path. See the article below for tips on taking any ISTQB exam.
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How to Pass Any ISTQB Certification Exam

ISTQB exams are challenging, but with preparation, you can succeed.

ASTQB has talked with many of our testers and trainers about their advice for taking ISTQB exams. Some key points are: Read more study tips for any ISTQB exam from ASTQB.
Advice on how to pass any ISTQB exam

Do you know someone preparing for ISTQB Foundation Level? See if they know this.

The ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus includes seven testing principles:
  1. Testing shows the presence of defects, not their absence
  2. Exhaustive testing is impossible
  3. Early testing saves time and money
  4. Defects cluster together
  5. Beware of the pesticide paradox
  6. Testing is context-dependent
  7. Absence-of-errors is a fallacy
Does your colleague know what these mean? See the descriptions.

If they know and understand these seven testing principles, they will be one step closer to success with their ISTQB Foundation Level exam from ASTQB.
Find out more about the 7 testing principles!

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