2008 Issue #1

With this first e-newsletter, ASTQB, the U.S. Board for ISTQB Software Tester Certification, is kicking off a new addition to the services it provides to everyone interested in software tester certification.

In each issue, we hope to provide interviews with software testers, news about ISTQB Software Tester Certification and information about the programs and services we offer. We welcome your feedback and criticism. Let us know what we can do to help make you and your company better at software testing.

-Lois Kostroski, Executive Director, ASTQB, info@astqb.org

Articles in this issue:

Interview with Freelance Consultant Jose Mata
Electronic Exams Now Available at Hundreds of U.S. Locations for ISTQB Software Tester Certification Exams
ASTQB's New Web Site Includes Free Glossary
Spread the Word About Your Proven Knowledge
Certification Training/Exams Coming to an Area Near You

Interview with Freelance
Consultant Jose Mata

Freelance test consultant Jose Mata, CTFL, has been in the software and system test arena for over 18 years, much of it as a consultant for small and large corporations. He prefers being a consultant, he says, because it is often more interesting work and allows him to learn more than he might simply working for a single company. It also provides him with a unique perspective on the value of certification for software testers.

"I have interviewed countless of people for software testing jobs, and, from my perspective, I see a severe lack of knowledge in the software testing field," says Mata, who has worked with companies such as Motorola, Dell, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Compaq.

Mata says having the type of credentials offered by ISTQB makes a huge difference to employers. "There is no question that an IT manager who got all of the people working for him to become certified would have a much easier time getting those employees to buy into the kinds of things the manager wants to do," explains Mata. "The certification allows people to much better understand the kinds of things they are asked to do. In addition, employees who are certified would know what tools to apply if a development manager doesn't really understand quality assurance as much. The employee could actually help the manager do their job better."

One of the main things Mata does is try to assess software testing knowledge and principles, especially when interviewing people for corporate positions. "Sometimes these people are uncertain what skills they will need one or two years into the future beyond the specific position they are looking for," says Mata. "I always let them know that certification will provide a base for their career no matter what direction it takes. I believe that those people who take the test and become certified will be a long ways ahead of most other people in this field."

Mata's breadth of experience has given him the ability to assimilate information rapidly, and within a competitive context, but ISTQB certification has provided a sharp edge to his skills. "Tough schedules can make the process of development software even more difficult than it already is," says Mata, "Certification can make the development process easier, even under demanding time schedules."

If you would like to know more about Mata and his views on certification, contact him at jose@cenozoic.com.

Electronic Exams Now Available at
Hundreds of U.S. Locations for ISTQB
Software Tester Certification Exams

The American Software Testing Qualifications Board, Inc. (ASTQB) has significantly expanded its exam testing to more than 300 locations throughout the United States. "The electronic option will make the ISTQB global tester certification program more accessible for employees and employers," explained ASTQB President Patricia McQuaid.

"Through a network of accredited training providers listed on ASTQB's website, organizations and individuals have the option of taking a training course to prepare for the examinations. This option has been popular as it allows individuals to learn about a wide range of testing terminology and best practices," said ASTQB Executive Director Lois Kostroski. "But if that is not an option, or if the exam opportunity does not coincide with your schedule after training, now you have the ability to go to one of more than 300 select test centers around the country to take the Foundation Level exam at your convenience." Advanced Level exams are expected to come online later in 2008.

The 300+ test centers are located at community colleges, universities, MicroTek stores, and other similarly convenient locations throughout North America. The entire list of locations along with a schedule of time blocks available at each location can be found at www.astqb.org.

In addition to the electronic certification exams at test centers, ASTQB will continue to offer the exam at the conclusion of public certification training offered by ASTQB's accredited training providers. ASTQB can also offer the exam at an employer's premises if requested.

For more information, contact ASTQB Executive Director Lois Kostroski at info@astqb.org or visit ASTQB's Web site at www.astqb.org.

ASTQB's New Web Site
Includes Free Glossary

ASTQB recently redesigned its Web site at http://www.astqb.org in an effort make it easier for software testers to get the information they need to be successful in their profession. Part of the information available is a free software testing glossary in html as well as pdf format. Even if you don't take advantage of ISTQB's certification offerings, you'll find the free glossary to be an indispensable tool for software testing.

You'll find the glossary of software testing terms at: http://www.astqb.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=7

Spread the Word About
Your Proven Knowledge

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Certification Training/Exams
Coming to an Area Near You

If you would like to receive notification when ISTQB Certification training and exams are in your area, simply enter your request at: http://www.astqb.org/displayemailforms.cfm?emailformnbr=77149

Below is a list of scheduled public ISTQB certification exams. Details are available at the ASQTB website at http://www.astqb.org or by contacting the ASTQB office at info@astqb.org.

July 31 (Thursday)
West Kingston, RI

August 14 (Thursday)
Denver, CO

August 28 (Thursday)
Boston, MA

September 5 (Friday)
Austin, TX

September 10 (Wednesday)
New York City, NY

September 11 (Thursday)
Minneapolis, MN

September 11 (Thursday)
Salt Lake City, UT

September 12 (Friday)
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September 19 (Thursday)
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September 25 (Thursday)
Plymouth Meeting, PA

September 25 (Thursday)
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October 24 (Friday)
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October 30 (Thursday)
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November 6 (Thursday)
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November 6 (Thursday)
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November 6 (Thursday)
Denver, CO

November 14 (Friday)
Washington, DC

November 20 (Thursday)
Sunnyvale, CA

November 21 (Friday)
Tampa, FL

December 4 (Thursday)
Phoenix, AZ

December 5 (Friday)
Ontario, CA

December 12 (Friday)
Atlanta, GA


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