3 Reasons Performance Testing is Hot

3 Reasons ISTQB Performance Testing Certification Has Become So Popular

ISTQB Performance Testing Certification has always been in demand. Lately, however, we've seen a big spike in certifications. We think there are 3 reasons.

If you're not familiar with performance testing, it is an umbrella term for any kind of testing focused on the performance (responsiveness) of the system or component under different volumes of load. There are different types of performance testing including load testing, stress testing, and several others. 

You can learn more about performance testing by browsing through the free ISTQB Performance Testing syllabus.

But why is interest in ISTQB Performance Testing Certification rapidly growing? We believe there are 3 reasons:
  1. The growth in DevOps: Performance testing can be an integral part of DevOps, but not everyone on the team may understand performance testing. ISTQB Performance Testing Certification sets a standard that gets everyone on the same page, and that's good for DevOps teams.
  2. The growth in "from home": With so many people working from home and shopping from home, the software performance environment is different and more challenging than ever before. Performance testing might have been overlooked in the past, but the need for someone with proven performance testing knowledge is now needed by virtually every organization.
  3. The growth in career paths: Testing has always been a great career, but with the growth in technologies, people are discovering that performance testing is an excellent way to get noticed and move up in their company. (We also think performance testing is kind of fun!)
If you don't have performance testing knowledge, you are limiting your career options. You will also be missing out on a fun new skill. Get started on ISTQB Performance Testing Certification today!
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Get Started On Your Path to Test Manager

Are you ready for the next big step in your testing career? ISTQB Test Manager Certification makes it easier.

ISTQB Test Manager Certification can help take you to the next level because:

  • It shows you have a strong commitment to the testing profession, self-improvement, and leadership.
  • It demonstrates you have advanced software testing skills and are ready to lead others.
  • It signals you have the desire to move higher in your career and your organization as a manager.
Get started on your path to becoming a test manager today!
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