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Is ISTQB Foundation Level Required?

People sometimes ask, "Can I skip the Foundation Level?" The quick answer to this is "No," but there are two good reasons why Foundation Level is required before you can take any other ISTQB exam. 
  1. ISTQB Foundation Level ensures that both new and experienced testers are using the same set of testing terms and principles. This improves communication and efficiency throughout an organization, which is one of the 3 reasons managers like ISTQB certification
  2. Another important reason to pass ISTQB Foundation Level is that other ISTQB exams may include terms or references found in the ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus. If you didn't pass ISTQB Foundation Level, you may struggle to pass other ISTQB exams.
How can you prepare for the Foundation Level exam? ASTQB offers many free resources in addition to the syllabus, glossary, and sample exams. These include videos, white papers, podcasts, and study tips.
In our latest video, we look at test processes. Even though there is no one universal software test process, there are common sets of test activities. This is good knowledge to have for software testing but is also beneficial for business planning and project execution as you advance in your career. Test processes are described in more detail in the Foundation Level syllabus. 

We will be adding more videos on important topics from the ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus in the coming weeks. Until we do, download the Foundation Level syllabus and read more about test processes and why they are important to software quality.
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