How to Become a Test Manager

Hope to Become a Test Manager? Here are 3 Very Helpful Resources

Would you like to be a test manager someday? We have the resources that will help you get there ... and then be successful in that role! Get started on your path to Test Manager today! 

Take Your ISTQB Exam at Home from Any Country

  • Yes, you can take the ISTQB exam at home! But this is available for only a limited time, so register for your exam soon.
  • Yes, you can take the ISTQB exam from ASTQB (ISTQB in the U.S.) from any country in the world. When you take your ISTQB exam from ASTQB or AT*SQA, we'll add you to both when you pass:
    • ASTQB's (ISTQB in the U.S.) List of Certified Software Testers™ that we advertise to U.S. employers
    • The ISTQB Successful Candidate Register
Register Now at AT*SQA to Take Your ISTQB Exam at Home
ISTQB Certification from ASTQB (ISTQB in the U.S.) is in demand among U.S. companies. If you have a few minutes, see the broad variety of companies on the ASTQB website that are requesting ISTQB Certification in their job postings.

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