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Get Noticed: 3 Tips for ISTQB Advanced & Specialty Certifications

We've seen an increase in testers getting ISTQB specialty and advanced certifications. Why? Because they get you noticed

If you want to increase your value to your company, start adding ISTQB specialty and advanced certifications to your resume.

Here are 3 tips to help you:
  1. It's easier than you think. We've interviewed testers with multiple certifications and they all agree that you shouldn't be afraid to go for ISTQB advanced and specialty certifications. You do want to be prepared, however. We highly recommend this article entitled "Advance (Level) Your Way to Promotion".
  2. If you can't decide on a certification, you'll find the Testing Career & Skills Path to be very helpful. The Testing Career & Skills Path divides the certifications into "skills" versus "career" groups. 
  3. Here are some recommendations based on recent job postings:
    1. Agile (very popular, and a relatively easy next step after the Foundation Level prerequisite)
    2. Test Automation Engineering (advanced, very hot) 
    3. Test Analyst (advanced, important for advancement)
    4. Test Manager (advanced, puts you on the manager track)
A bonus tip? After you add your first certification, keep the momentum going. Based on our interviews, the top testers seem to get several certifications over a short period of time. They tell us they are "in the groove" with studying and exam-taking, so it gets easier as they do more certifications. See the list of ISTQB certifications.

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