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A Popular ISTQB Certification to Build Your Career

ISTQB offers so much more for your software testing career beyond the Foundation Level certification. Once you have ISTQB CTFL, which other certifications should you consider? 

Do you want to be in demand in virtually every industry? Then choose ISTQB Test Automation Engineering. Test automation is hot and doesn't show any sign of slowing down. 

Is your industry heavily into mobile testing or performance testing? Then ASTQB has plenty of other certifications that will interest you.

Whatever you choose, get started now. The economy is uncertain and companies are making difficult decisions. Earning certifications through ASTQB gets the attention of companies, especially when it's time to choose someone for a job or promotion! 
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Testing QA Student

ASTQB's "Test the Tester"

How much do you know about different software testing topics? Our "Test the Tester" quizzes will help you gauge your knowledge and give you confidence that you can study and pass your ISTQB exam.

The most recent quiz had the question, "Which of these should be avoided in a typical Agile project?" The answer was (2), Producing vast amounts of documentation. Learn more about ISTQB Agile Testing certification.

This week our question comes from the ISTQB Test Automation Engineering syllabus:

As with all scripting techniques, linear scripting starts with some manual test procedures. What is a con of linear scripting?

  1. There is little or no preparation work required
  2. It is simply a matter of recording a manual test and replaying it once you have learned the tool
  3. The amount of effort required to automate any given test procedure will be mostly dependent on the size (number of steps or actions) required to perform it
  4. Programming skills are not required but are helpful

Find the answer in Section 3.2.2 of the ISTQB Test Automation Engineering syllabus or see "Test the Tester" in an upcoming newsletter. 

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Our official exam provider, AT*SQA, is always happy to answer your questions about registration, scheduling, and more! You can find answers to common questions such as these on their FAQ page:

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