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2012 Issue #2

Do you use automated testing tools? Will test tool training help your professional development? How important are tools versus the test process? We answer these questions – and more – below.

Articles in this issue:

Testers Weigh In On Test Tools
Featured Job from the ASTQB Career Center
Show the World You are Certified
Get a Testing Result Your CEO Will Love
Volunteer Profile
News and Offers from ASTQB Accredited Course Providers
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Testers Weigh In On Test Tools


If test tools are found in your organization, you are like most testers ASTQB recently surveyed. However, the question is whether those test tools are being used, and how important they are to a tester’s professional development. See how you and your organization compare to the testers ASTQB recently surveyed.

First, a little context is helpful. The survey was conducted primarily among software testers that have, on average, 1.2 certifications in either the testing process or test tools. More specifically, most of the testers had ISTQB software tester certification. As such, we view this group as having a fairly strong, uniform knowledge of testing terms, processes, and best practices.

With that background in mind, we found that:

  • Usage: A strong majority of testers, 83%, reported that their organization was using automated testing tools. Interestingly, only 65% of the testers reported that they themselves were using automated testing tools. This may suggest that the type of testing being done by the tester influenced whether automated testing tools were used, but we won't know until a follow up survey is conducted.

  • Testing Tool Certification: Very few of the testers surveyed have been certified in any testing tool. Only 10% reported having a testing tool certification, though 74% perceive value in tool certification. The reasons for not having a testing tool certification varied, but the predominant reason was that the testers didn't realize such a certification existed.

  • Importance for Professional Development: When asked to rank which was most desirable for their professional development, they were given four choices: Test Tool Training, Test Process Training, Test Tool Certification, and Test Process Certification. Testers ranked "Test Process Training" as more important than "Test Tool Training" by a fairly significant margin. However, they viewed "Test Process Certification" such as ISTQB certification as much more desirable than either training, from a professional development standpoint. Clearly, this set of testers has experienced the benefit of their ISTQB software tester certification, and given that ASTQB is the U.S. board for ISTQB software tester certification, we were happy to see this result. Importantly, this wasn't a pro-certification bias, as "Test Tool Certification" was ranked much lower than the other options, with the final result being:
    • Test Process Certification
    • Test Process Training
    • Test Tool Training
    • Test Tool Certification

What does all of this tell us? While more research is needed, we draw three general conclusions:

  1. Testing tools have a strong presence in organizations, yet only a slight majority of testers are using them.
  2. Testing tool certification isn't broadly used at this time.
  3. Test process certification such as ISTQB software testing certification is highly valued for professional development.

Give us your perspective on testing tools by joining the conversation at the ASTQB Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/astqb.


Featured Job from the
ASTQB Career Center


Have you taken advantage of the ASTQB Career Center? Here is a recent job opening posted at the ASTQB Career Center:

Job Title: Senior Test Engineer
Company: WOOD Consulting Services
Location: MD
Job Description: The Test Engineer analyzes system requirements and concept of operations documents, acquisition plans, and system descriptions to develop evaluation and test plans and procedures, prepare for and conduct the data collection and analysis, and report status and results. Supports the development of Government test and evaluation documentation e.g., Test & Evaluation Strategy, Test & Evaluation Master Plan, Event Test Plans, Test Readiness Assessments, and T&E Reports. Works with other test organizations to support T&E program integration

If you are an ASTQB certified tester, you can see the salary and contact information for this position at the ASTQB Certified Tester Resource Area.

Do you have a job to post? Post your job openings and search resumes at no cost in the new ASTQB Career Center.


Show the World You are Certified


You know you are ISTQB certified, but do your co-workers and boss? Let them know with ISTQB Certified Tester mugs, shirts, and more from the ASTQB Store.

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Get a Testing Result Your CEO Will Love: An Even Better ROI


The ASTQB Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows you to build efficiency across your company while earning up to 25% off the cost of an ISTQB certification exam. Learn more by visiting the ASTQB Volume Purchase Program area or contact a VPP-eligible ASTQB Accredited Training Provider today.


Volunteer Profile


H. Taz Daughtrey, ASTQB Board of Directors

Taz is a member of the Computer Science faculty at James Madison University and Senior Software Quality Scientist at the Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality, the Founding Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Software Quality Professional, and a long-standing member of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

Taz has over 30 years of involvement in designing, conducting, and evaluating testing of critical software-dependent systems. He continues a long history of contributing to IEEE software engineering standards, especially on verification and validation. Taz has conducted workshops and provided consulting on a variety of software quality assurance topics across North America, Europe, and Japan for Systems Technology Institute, Learning Tree International, IEEE Computer Society, Victoria Group, TeraQuest Metrics, and several colleges and university engineering programs.

He was Executive Director of the World Congress for Software Quality (2005-2008), has been on the program committee of numerous professional conferences, and made recent technical presentations such as “Securing Systems through Software Reliability Engineering,” “Economics of Software Quality Engineering,” and “The Many Faces of Software Unreliability.” Taz has edited two volumes of Fundamental Concepts for the Software Quality Engineer.

Taz’s previous experience in industry included roles in software development, training, and quality improvement in manufacturing and engineering for both commercial and naval nuclear power applications. He has also served as Quality Manager and Chief Security Officer in the medical device industry.

“I enjoy reading speculative fiction and, in my small way, helping to shape the future. I believe involvement in technical certification efforts is one way to encourage the life-long learning and personal growth we say we want and need for tomorrow’s society.”


News and Offers from ASTQB Accredited Course Providers


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RBCS: Need certification exam training but don’t have time? Enroll in an RBCS boot camp and enjoy the benefits of tried and true e-learning and a virtual instructor facilitated course. Foundation Level, Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Test Manager boot camps are available. Visit our store and enter the discount code BOOT12 in the promotion code field for a 10% discount.

Rice Consulting Services: Rice Consulting Services is offering readers of the ASTQB newsletter a special deal for public ISTQB certification courses in New Orleans (Foundation) and Philadelphia (Advanced Analyst) through September 30, 2012. Send two people and get 50% off the third registration. Use offer code "ISTQB50" when checking out at www.mysoftwaretesting.com. For more information, contact Randy Rice at 405-691-8075 or at webrequest@riceconsulting.com.


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Certification Training/Exams Coming to an Area Near You


If you would like to receive notification when ISTQB Certification training and exams are in your area, simply enter your request here.

Below is a list of scheduled public ISTQB certification exams. Details are available at the ASTQB website or by contacting the ASTQB office at info@astqb.org.

August 22 - 24
New Orleans

August 23, 2012
San Jose, CA
Hilton Garden Inn San Jose

August 23, 2012
Boston, MA
Hilton Boston
Downtown/Financial District

August 23, 2012
Atlanta, GA

August 24, 2012
New Orleans, LA

August 30, 2012
Charlotte, NC
Doubletree Hilton Charlotte

September 13, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
Doubletree Hilton
Minneapolis Downtown

September 13, 2012
Santa Fe, NM
Doubletree Santa Fe

September 14, 2012
Costa Mesa, CA

September 17 - 21
Newark, NJ
(Advanced Test Analyst)

September 19, 2012
Washington, D.C.
Crowne Plaza
Washington National Airport

September 21, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

September 27, 2012
Atlanta, GA

September 28, 2012
Newark, NJ

October 2, 2012
Anaheim, CA
Disneyland Hotel

October 11, 2012
St. Louis, MO

October 11, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA

October 11, 2012
Portland, OR

October 18, 2012
Austin, TX

October 25, 2012
Tampa, FL
Hilton Tampa

October 25, 2012
Chicago, IL
Doubletree Chicago
Arlington Heights

October 26, 2012
McLean, VA

November 1, 2012
Raleigh, NC

November 1, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

November 6, 2012
Orlando, FL

November 14, 2012
San Francisco, CA

November 15, 2012
Austin, TX



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