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How To Become the Expert in Test Management

Are you ready to officially be called an "Expert" tester? The highest level in ISTQB certification offered by ASTQB, the ISTQB Expert Level Certification, deserves respect because it's only awarded to those who have proven they have expertise in test management.

Demand is growing for expert testers in test management, so these exams are becoming more popular. Are you ready to take the ultimate step in ISTQB certification? 

Limited time offer: ASTQB and our exam provider AT*SQA are offering special discounts on the ISTQB Expert Level Test Management exams (Strategic Test Management, Operational Test Management, and Managing the Test Team). If you would like to participate in this special, limited-time program, contact ASTQB for more information.
You should move up to ISTQB Expert Level Test Management if you:
  • Have a passion for software testing.
  • Want to push your software testing knowledge to be the very best.
You can't just jump right into the Expert Level Exams. Like any other ISTQB certification, you must first have the ISTQB Foundation Level. In addition, you must also have the ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Certification before attempting any of the three ISTQB Expert Level Exams offered by ASTQB. 
If you're ready to be declared an "expert" in software testing, learn about ISTQB Expert Level Software Testing Certification
Learn About ISTQB Expert Level
Testing Tiers® Levels

Build Your Testing Reputation and Level

How does a tester with ISTQB Foundation Level, Agile, and Performance Testing compare to one with ISTQB Foundation Level, Agile Technical Tester, and Test Automation Engineer?

The Testing Tiers® levels from AT*SQA help to answer that question. If you are an employer trying to compare candidates or a tester who just wants to be the best in their team, Testing Tiers® gives you insights that help you to rank software testers. Learn more about Testing Tiers® levels.

Take Your ISTQB Exam at Home from Any Country

Take the ISTQB exam from ASTQB (ISTQB in the U.S.) from any country in the world. When you take your ISTQB exam from ASTQB or AT*SQA, we'll add you to both of these lists when you pass:
  • Our Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ and Testing Tiers™ that we advertise to U.S. employers
  • The ISTQB Successful Candidate Register
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