Students: Consider a Career in Software Testing

4 Reasons Students Should Consider Becoming a Software Tester

Summer is upon us, and some of us have a little more break time right now. Maybe you have recently graduated and you are thinking about what's next or you may be looking at what other opportunities are out there for a career. When you were asked what do you want to be as a child, you probably didn’t answer, “I want to be a software tester!” But for many people, it’s the perfect career choice.

By starting now, by mid-summer you very well could be ISTQB certified. The opportunity is there to do something productive with your free time this summer. There are different reasons someone should look at software testing:

  • You want to make a career path change
  • You are a recent graduate and want to start a career
  • You are close to graduation and want a little more than a diploma

If you are a student trying to decide on a profession or someone interested in a career change, read our free white paper that has four reasons they should consider becoming a software tester.

4 Reasons Students Should Consider Software Testing
Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers
Getting on the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers is Reason #1.
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Updated FAQ: Where should I begin if I am new to software testing? Can I take my exam online?

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