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Motivate and Retain Your Software Testers

Do You Know a Tester Who is Not Motivated? 

Managers: What is a key reason that your software testers may not be motivated – or even worse – thinking about leaving?

  • The American Psychological Association found that among employees whose supervisor does not support their career development, most say they are not motivated to do their best at work. Most also say they intend to seek employment outside the organization within the next year.
  • In contrast, among those whose supervisor supports their career development, nearly 90% say they are motivated to do their best at work.

So how can you show that you support your tester's career development? Harvard Business Review suggests that supervisors make it clear to employees that staying on top of their game and preparing for the future is part of their job, and that you support that. This free white paper, "7 Things a Software Testing Manager Wants in an Employee" is a friendly way to get that point across. 

Just as importantly, you need to make it possible. That could be as simple as giving your testers the freedom to explore new testing tools or dig into new testing approaches. (Here are some free webinars that might be a good starting point). 

If that is too unstructured for your company, have your testers explore the "Software Testing Career Path" and pick something that interests them. Each option aligns with an ISTQB certification that gives your tester public recognition. Just as importantly, it assures your organization that you are supporting career development that also drives down cost and reduces risk.

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Product Owners

Build Software Quality While Making Your Life Easier 

How can you improve software quality and make your life easier? By getting everyone – analysts, product managers, and testers – certified in acceptance testing.

When everyone on your team is working with the same acceptance testing knowledge and skills, two great things happen:
  1. You improve the quality of the acceptance testing process
  2. You have a better alignment of the product with the business requirements
How do you achieve this? By having everyone get their ISTQB Acceptance Testing Certification. It's uniquely helpful in building collaboration and improving the final product.

By the way, if you have a group of 5 or more and you want to take the exam on-site at your U.S. work location, we offer great discounts. Contact us for information about group discounts
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Studying Test Automation
Testing Tiers™ Software Tester Rankings

How Do You Rank This Month?

Testers have been racking up new Testing Tiers™ points at a rapid rate this past month! 

See some of the recent point gainers. Congratulations to everyone that moved up to a new level!
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