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7 Qualities Employers Want

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If you have year-end budget available, use it for ISTQB exam vouchers from ASTQB & AT*SQA. Our ISTQB exam vouchers let you take your exam anytime during the next 365 days. Plus when you purchase 20 or more vouchers at one time, you receive a 10% discount. Purchasing 50 or more? Contact AT*SQA's friendly support team for even greater discounts.

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Contact the friendly AT*SQA support team if you need assistance or have questions. 

Get ISTQB Vouchers That Are Good for 365 Days
Software Tester Interview

7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant

If you know someone looking for a software testing job, send them this link. (If you hire software testers, you will also find this helpful as a checklist.)

This white paper, "Get a Job in Software Testing: 7 Qualities of the Successful Software Testing Job Applicant," provides guidelines and examples of the requirements found in actual job postings. 

Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, you will also find the AT*Work™ list of software testers for hire to be a great tool. AT*Work allows job seekers to post their skills and levels of proficiency, and it allows hiring managers to search for testers with the specific skills they need. Learn more about AT*Work.
Download the White Paper
Become a Test Manager

Get Started On Your Path to Test Manager

You've proven your testing skills. Now it's time to prove your leadership potential. 

ISTQB Test Manager Certification can take your career to a higher level because:

  • It shows you have a strong commitment to the testing profession, self-improvement, and leadership.
  • It demonstrates you have advanced software testing skills and are ready to lead others.
  • It proves you have the desire to move higher in your career and your organization as a manager.
Get started on your path to test manager today!
Learn About ISTQB Test Manager Certification

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