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Are you ready for the next step in your career, but not sure which certification is right for you? For example, are you deciding between ISTQB Security Testing Certification and ISTQB Performance Testing Certification?

AT*SQA makes it easy to explore new software testing areas with AT*SQA Micro-Credentials.

Choose from eight software testing micro-credentials including Cybersecurity Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, Usability Testing, and more. This is an easy, small step that will help you decide which ISTQB Certification you should take next.

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You Deserve Recognition. ASTQB Helps You Get It.

You're a valuable member of your software quality team. That's why ASTQB works so hard to ensure everybody knows. Here are just a few ways:
  1. We make it easy for you to share your news. 92% of ISTQB certified software testers surveyed by ASTQB feel that certification aids in gaining professional recognition. But you need to let people know you are certified! If you aren't displaying your ASTQB certificate, download it from your AT*SQA account and display it proudly! (Go to My Account / My Certificates).
  2. We are promoting your skills with millions of ad impressions. Every month there are millions of ASTQB ads promoting certified software testers to employers. We invite them to see the "10 Reasons You Need Software Testers Certified through ASTQB." That, in turn, links to the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™ and your Testing Tiers™ ranking.
  3. We are sharing your insights with our new podcast "One Question for Software Testers." Look for the first episode next week! If you are certified by ASTQB and would like to be on the podcast to answer one question (it's easy and fun – you get to choose your question from a list), contact us.
Whether you were certified by ASTQB 10 years ago or this past week, we are working hard to promote your software testing knowledge, skills, and competence. If you aren't yet certified by ASTQB, be sure to register for a certification today, and let us promote you, too!
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