Do You Want to Become a Great Test Manager?
Testing Manager

10 Suggestions for Test Managers and Those Who Want to Become Test Managers

Are you currently a test manager or want to become a test manager? We asked an accomplished test manager for her top 10 takeaways on how to become the best possible test manager.

Listen to her advice in our ASTQB podcast, "10 Takeaways for Becoming and Being a Test Manager." Some of the topics include:
  • Why you may think that you are ready to be a manager, but others may not
  • Why you need to be patient
  • Which management skills you should work on
  • What you should do that she did not
  • Why you shouldn't get hung up on titles
  • What you may find hard to learn as a manager
  • What you should not be afraid of as a manager
Get started on being the best possible test manager by listening to "10 Takeaways for Becoming and Being a Test Manager."
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ISTQB Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester (CTAL-ATT) builds upon the ISTQB Agile Testing Certification so you can show your boss that you:

  • Have mastered basic Agile testing concepts and have advanced Agile testing knowledge
  • Are developing technical testing skills in an Agile context
  • Are ready to take the lead in an Agile testing environment
Note that the ISTQB foundational Agile Testing Certification is a prerequisite, and is an important first step for your Agile testing skills.
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