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Specialty Software Testing

Get More Attention with ISTQB Specialty Certifications

It's well known that everyone in software QA should have ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. But if you want to get ahead in software testing, ISTQB offers so much more beyond the basics. ISTQB specialty certifications let you choose a software testing career path that is interesting and great for your career! 

There are new options available, and more are coming. Last month, ASTQB added ISTQB AI Testing. Soon we will be launching ISTQB Game Testing. Both will help you get attention! Other ISTQB specialty certifications that make employers notice you include: In reality, every ISTQB certification is a good choice for your career because it shows your ongoing commitment to strengthening your knowledge. This ongoing personal drive gets the attention of companies when it is time to choose someone for a job or a promotion!

Get more attention: Explore the ISTQB specialty certifications today.
See All of the Specialty ISTQB Certifications
AT*Work Software Tester Directory

Know a Tester Looking for a Job? AT*Work™ Can Help

AT*Work™ connects employers with testers who are seeking jobs due to layoffs or career changes. If you know of someone looking for a software testing job or freelance project, share this with them.

Employers will find AT*Work™ helpful because:

  • Employers can search by knowledge/skill.
  • The testers in AT*Work have proven themselves through one or more certifications earned through ASTQB and  AT*SQA. These include all of the ISTQB certifications offered by ASTQB.
  • The testers in AT*Work are arranged based on their Testing Tiers® rankings with the highest levels at the top.
Would you like to be listed in the AT*Work directory? You may opt-in now if you have certifications from AT*SQA and ASTQB. A beta of the search functionality will soon follow.

To opt into the AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory, do the following:

We will announce when the beta for the search functionality has started. In the meantime, learn more and opt-in now so you will appear in AT*Work™ when the search is unveiled.

AT*SQA Makes It Even Easier to Take ISTQB Exams

No one makes it easier to register for ISTQB exams than AT*SQA, our official ISTQB exam provider. Now they've made it even easier! 

AT*SQA has updated all of the ISTQB exam instructions with detailed videos and information. Learn about creating an account, scheduling/rescheduling an exam, and what you need to know about the online testing experience. 

Exam instructions may not seem that special, but the more you are prepared for your exam, the better your exam day will be! This is another great AT*SQA advantage. 

See the ISTQB Exam Recordings, Videos and Information

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