Defining Solid Software Security Requirements

Join us for this free ASTQB webinar in which Randall Rice addresses the shared space between two very challenging areas: Getting good software requirements and cybersecurity. User stories, while helpful to define functions, are typically not detailed enough to define both intended and unintended behavior of a system, especially in the context of information security. Unfortunately, industry metrics tell us that the great majority of software defects (security and other) can be traced back to flawed or missing requirements.

In this session, Randall covers:

  • The lifecycle view of software requirements and security
  • Stakeholder involvement in gathering and documenting requirements for software security
  • The importance of clearly defining the security aspects of a system
  • How to drive the scope of requirements by understanding known threats and available defenses
  • How to define "misuse cases"
  • How to revise and maintain software requirements when threats change, new threats emerge or new features are added to the system

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