How to Lead in Testing - Leadership Advice for Test Managers and Those Who Hope to Become Test Managers

What does it take to be a strong leader in testing?

Whether you are already a leader - or hope to become one in the future - this is a podcast that will point your career in the right direction. Join us as we explore these questions with veteran testing professional Michael Sowers, Executive Vice President of Coveros:

  • How should we define leadership when it comes to testing?
  • Is there a difference between leadership and management?
  • What does leadership look like in the age of Agile and DevOps?
  • What are some of the key challenges for a leader in technology today, particularly in quality and test?
  • What's your advice in moving from a direct contributor role to a leadership role?
  • How do certifications help? Can they help me make the jump into a leadership position?
  • What certifications should I get if I want to be a leader in software quality, not just a tester?
  • What concrete steps should I take right now to move toward being a leader, or a better leader? What should I do, specifically, over the next few weeks?

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