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How do you Keep Your Software Out of the Headlines® to protect your company and your career?

ASTQB and AT*SQA, the non-profit organizations that lead software testing certification in the U.S., have the answer. Our official software testing skills path will help you and your company reduce risks, reduce costs, and save time.

If you are a manager or leader in your company, request a free, no-obligation consultation to help you identify the best approach. As the non-profit U.S. Board for ISTQB software tester certification, and the non-profit global ISTQB exam provider, we will help you identify training and certification strategies that will improve your software quality.

We are providing this service as part of our mission to promote software quality, so this offer is limited to companies that will utilize ASTQB and AT*SQA exams.

American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB)
Association for Testing and Software Quality Assurance (AT*SQA)

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