This is a popular next step after the Foundation Level certification, but what exactly is Agile Testing?

Agile development is very people-centered. Teams of people build software, and it is through continuous communication and interaction, rather than a reliance on tools or processes, that teams can work most effectively.

A tester on an Agile project will work differently than one working on a traditional project. Testers must understand the values and principles that underpin Agile projects, and how testers are an integral part of a whole-team approach together with developers and business representatives. The members in an Agile project communicate with each other early and frequently, which helps with removing defects early and developing a quality product.

Once you have gotten the ISTQB Agile Tester Certification, you can then dive into the Advanced Agile Technical Tester and really set yourself apart as an Agile tester.

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