Below is an interesting article that caught the attention of ASTQB’s “observatory,” in which we actively search for testing trends. Share your trend ideas with Taz Daughtrey, ASTQB Director and ASTQB News Editor, on Twitter @astqb #astqbhorizon.

The article “Future-proof your IT career with these critical skills” contained several points that are of interest to those who test as part of their jobs. Here are a few takeaways:

– With the growing need for developers who can work with agile and DevOps methodologies, the most employable developers will be those who have more to offer than just knowing how to code. What is in that short list? “Testing skills.” ASTQB is ahead of the curve in recognizing this. See our take on “How Testing Makes DevOps Successful.

– Organizations are scrambling to find qualified cybersecurity talent. According to the article, cybersecurity certifications will be in high demand, will a specific emphasis on identity and access management, penetration testing, risk analysis and security assessment. Think that is someone else’s job? Think again. The article states that it will require other IT professionals to acquire security skills. Again, ASTQB is ahead of the curve with ISTQB’s Security Testing Certification.

See the full CIO article.  Share your trend ideas with on Twitter @astqb #astqbhorizon.