How should you prepare for ISTQB exams?

A common question we receive from companies is “Should we do self-study (as a group) or work with a training provider to prepare for our ISTQB exams?”

The answer – There is no single defined path when studying for ISTQB exams.

It really depends on the team and their individual software testing experience, not to mention how they prefer to study. To get ready for an ISTQB exam:

  • Some people will simply download the free resources, self-study, and do very well on the exam.
  • Others purchase books.
  • Some people study by themselves or in a group.
  • AND some companies choose to have their team take a class through a training provider.

ASTQB and AT*SQA must stress this point: we can only ever 100% stand behind ASTQB-Accredited training providers should you choose the training provider option. Why is this? ASTQB-Accredited training providers have had their materials reviewed by ASTQB’s testing experts to ensure that the training materials adequately cover the content in the syllabus for that ISTQB certification.

If you are interested in one of our ASTQB-Accredited ISTQB exam training providers, see their website for full course information.

Now, can your team do well without an ASTQB-Accredited training provider?

Absolutely, if you know how to study for ISTQB! Are you curious to know how? We will be discussing this in the future.