How many times can you take the ISTQB exam?

You can take the ISTQB exam an unlimited number of times. There is no waiting period between attempts at the ISTQB exam.

That means you could take the ISTQB exam several times in one day. However, that is not recommended. Instead, you should study in between your attempts at the ISTQB exam. If you do need to retake your ISTQB exam, note that ASTQB and AT*SQA provide ISTQB exam results by topic. You can see them by logging into your AT*SQA account after you take your exam through ASTQB & AT*SQA. This will help you identify which areas you should study more before attempting a retake of the ISTQB exam.

Each time you take the ISTQB exam you must register and pay for another ISTQB exam. The exception would be if you qualify for a free ISTQB exam retake from ASTQB, but you must meet certain criteria.